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What Is Warzone ‘Rumble in the Sheets’?

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Warzone's latest Playlist Update certainly held some goodies! (Credit: Activision)

The latest Playlist Update brought the return of Warzone Rumble, a mode many fans have been hoping would return. Warzone ‘Rumble in the Sheets’ is one of two game modes that have been added to Warzone over the Valentine’s Day weekend. But what is this mysterious game mode?

In the following Tweet, you can see the announcement in all of its… Twitter glory. Twitter isn’t really that glorious, just a mixture of announcements and negativity, so that probably wasn’t the best word to use. Anyway, it was a pretty sweet playlist update and we covered it in full in our latest Playlist Update breakdown!

This mode, chucked in with the latest update, is available to anyone whom has updated the game, no matter which platform they choose to play it on. You could even say “nice job with that”, since CoD’s history of bizarre exclusive deals runs pretty deep. Basically, we’re kind of surprised that they actually released it on all platforms. But anyway…

What the bloody hell is it?

Well that, friends, is what we're here to explain to you! You see, Warzone ‘Rumble in the Sheets’ is more-or-less the return of an already beloved game mode that had been removed from the game. It’s not surprising to see a return, albeit with a bit of an odd name, but we’re quite excited to be playing it nonetheless.

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Think about the game mode as basically a ‘Team Deathmatch’… just on steroids! It’s 50v50, and an all-out battle for 400 kills. In other words, and exactly the same as the original mode, Warzone ‘Rumble in the Sheets' pits two teams of 50 against each other, each fighting it out to achieve the 400 kills needed for victory.

Seems basic? Well, it’s a pretty classic formula, and hardly anything new. Call of Duty: Warzone doesn’t have many of these kinds of modes, though. Seeing as this is basically ‘Team Deathmatch’, we think that it is a pretty nice new addition to our Verdansk adventures.

Also added in the latest Playlist Update for Warzone was ‘Love and Plunder – Trios’, and ‘Resurgence Trios’ on Rebirth Island. ‘Plunder – Quads’ also got removed, spelling an end to that game mode, at least for now. But this is all getting boring. If you don’t want to be bored, maybe jump out of Warzone for a few hours and check out the EarlyGame Awards! Cheerio…


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