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Is the Roze Operator Skin in Warzone so invisible that it's pay-to-win?

Is The Warzone Roze Skin Pay-To-Win?

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone players are buzzing with concerns over whether the Rook Skin for Operator Roze is overpowered, or more importantly, pay-to-win. Warzone currently has a lot of problems, from bugs and glitches, to balancing problems and cheaters. Players are concerned that the Roze Skin is blatantly pay-to-win, but how much merit is there to these accusations?

In contrast to weapon skins, operator skins can only be partially unlocked by playing the game, with most of them having to be bought for real money. That is precisely why one of these skins is now causing unrest in the community – it's pay to win.

Operator Roze's Rook Skin Pay-to-Win?

Operator Roze's legendary Rook skin has been the subject of much criticism over the last few weeks. Unlike most other skins, which are a little bit colorful, the Rook skin is completely black. Not hard to see where the problem lies, right? The Rook skin is difficult to spot in Warzone, where there are many dark corners to camp in.

This short clip shows that the skin can give you a few valuable seconds, even against professionals:

ROZE is a fair and balanced skin... from CODWarzone

Why Is the Rook Skin Such a Problem?

Good question! After all, the Rook skin is not new. Far from it. It came into play with Season 5 of Modern Warfare. There were, of course, players that complained back then as well, but months later, the discussion is once again picking up steam.

The Rook skin was brought back into the limelight after a recent Warzone tournament. Many players had chosen operator Roze's black outfit to gain competitive advantage. An example of this can be seen below.

God I wish they would take this skin out of the game from CODWarzone

So, Is the Rook Roze Skin Pay-To-Win?

The issue lies in the fact that this particular skin was part of the Modern Warfare battle Pass (so...a paid feature). In short: you gain a competitive advantage from an item that can't be won through playing. The is the very definition of pay-to-win.

Players are demanding that one of the following things happen:

  • Remove the Rook skin altogether, which is very unlikely.
  • Modify it with some coloring so that it's at least somewhat visible.

We can definitely see where the complaints are coming from, and look forward to Activision solving this issue in the near future.

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat, and translated into English by Kiril Stoilov. Adjusted by Evan Williams.