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Even for a Warzone flex camo, this is ridiculous...

Warzone's 'Rough Nugget' Blueprint Needs An Epilepsy Warning

Call of Duty
Warzone Rough Nugget Epilepsy
What won't they do to sell more camos? | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone now has another set of seriously bling-heavy weapons. This includes the Rough Nugget blueprint for the KSP 45, which really does shine bright like a diamond. Too bright. So bright, in fact, that players are complaining. But is the Rough Nugget even good? And how do you get one? We have all the details.

As usual, Warzone has received a new batch of bundles for the in-game store. Including the Gilded Age V Bundle, the fifth installment of the popular Gilded Age series. These bundles always contain classy, ​​gold blueprints and operator skins that offer a lot of bling-bling. But the new Gilded Age V Bundle also contains a more divisive item, one that's causing a real stir in the community: the Rough Nugget blueprint for the KSP 45.

Warning: The following article contains a video that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Why Are Players Complaining About Warzone's Rough Nugget Blueprint?

Rough Nugget is a new reactive blueprint for the KSP 45, and it's obscenely flashy. You probably read that as 'poor taste', but no - it's quite literally blinding. Just check it out yourself to see what we're talking about: 

The new KSP blueprint needs a epilepsy warning from CODWarzone

"But nobody uses it in Warzone anyway", well, that might be right - the KSP 45 ranks very low among the SMGs - but either way, they'll need to address this skin. The community has been complaining for a long time that the sun is too dazzling in Warzone, so if a blueprint can create this kind of shine...

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How Can You Get The Rough Nugget Blueprint In Warzone?

Well, as with so many things in Warzone, it's pretty simple: buy the Gilded Age V Bundle on Warzone or Black Ops Cold War for 2000 CP (about 16 USD). You'll get this pack: 

These aren't bad items for the price, 

  • Rough Nugget Blueprint (KSP 45)
  • Prospector Blueprint (FFAR 1)
  • Snakeskin (Park Operator Skin)
  • Gilded Guardian (Calling Card)
  • Gilded Monster (Emblem)
  • Gold Nugget (Charm)
  • Gilded Air (Vehicle Skin)
  • Scheming (Gesture)
Gilded Age V
Gilded Age bundles are always popular, but they're not cheap... | © Activision Blizzard

These are pretty solid items; the two blueprints will appeal to a certain aesthetic taste, and Park's Snakeskin is the best she has so far. But that being said, the KSP is a trash gun, and the FFAR isn't what it once was. So if you get this blueprint, you'll obviously be buying it for the Rough Nugget camo. Knock yourself out. 

Are you going to get it anyway for the hype? It's a KSP, but we still expect a lot of players will. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and don't forget - you should consider joining MyEarlyGame for loads of great giveaways, exclusive tourneys, and a customizable home page.

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