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Verdansk '84 could also get a fast travel system in Warzone!

The Warzone Red Door: Is Fast Travel Coming?

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Warzone Season 3 The Red Door
The Red Door could be a new fast travel system for Warzone. (Credit: Activision)

Following the launch of Warzone Season 3, Raven Software has released a poll announcing an exciting new feature. Could Verdansk '84 get a new fast travel system? And what does The Red Door have to do with it?

Even before Season 3, in the "old" Verdansk, there was a fast travel system with the subway stations to get from A to B faster on the huge map. It seems that Raven Software wants to reintroduce a similar system for Verdansk '84...

What is The Red Door in Warzone?

According to a Raven Software survey, the so-called Red Doors are a new fast travel system for Warzone. In this tweet from leaker TomHenderson, you can see the matching snippet of the survey:

Where Did The Red Door Come From In Warzone?

The Red Door should already be a familiar term to players of Black Ops Cold War. Not only was the game's internal alpha called "The Red Door," but Red Doors also played a role in BOCW's campaign. Especially in one of the last missions, where you find yourself in your own mind. You are repeatedly confronted with the Red Door, which serves as a kind of transition between your memories.

So in the campaign for BOCW, the Red Door is a sort of quick trip from one memory to another. Since Warzone has finally arrived in the setting of Black Ops Cold War with Season 3 and Verdansk '84, and the Red Door was already announced in the Verdansk '84 cutscenes, the integration makes perfect sense.

When is the New Fast Travel System Coming to Warzone?

So far, the Red Doors aren't in Warzone, but they could be coming soon. There has not been an official statement about it, but the developers are asking about it in a survey, so that's a pretty strong hint!

Well, anyway, what do you think of all this? Did you even use the subway on the old map? Does Verdansk '84 need a fast travel system? And how the hell do those teleport doors actually work?

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.