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Warzone: Rebirth Island Beginners Guide, Part 1

Call of Duty

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Rebirth Island, the new Warzone Map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is out now. Those of you who had gotten used to Modern Warfare’s Verdansk and were actually quite good at it, will now have to switch up their tactics to be as good on Rebirth Island. It’s not just the Rebirth Island size that is different, but you need to have a different play style if you want to perform as well in Warzone for CoD: BOCW as you did in CoD: Modern Warfare.

It’s unfortunately not as easy as you having the most overpowered weapon. Rushing into battle, thinking that your weapon will bring you the win, you’re wrong. It’s more than just your assault rifle, sniper, or pistol. It’s you. Your playstyle will determine whether or not you can snatch that win for your team.

So, how do you do it then? We’re giving you our 3 beginner tips on how to become a better Rebirth Island player. Try them and we’re sure that you’ll have an easier time the next time you play Warzone or CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

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