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A Zombie, A Purple Key Card, A Bombardment.

Warzone: How to Get The Purple Key Card & Bombardment Killstreak

Call of Duty
Warzone bombardment purple access card
With the Purple Access Card, you can cause a whole lot of damage! (Credit: Activision)

The Purple Key Card or the Access Protocol Key was added with Warzone's Season 2: Reloaded update and its Bombardment Killstreak is a sight to behold. The Zombies are spreading across Verdansk, and perhaps this Purple Key Card is the only way to get the outbreak under control? We break down how to get the Purple Key Card, and exactly what it does...

This insane killstreak is not easy to get, and neither is the Purple Key Card, for that matter. Think of the Bombardment as a Cluster Strike on steroids – in other words, Bombardment is the most powerful killstreak in the game. The missiles are powerful and last quite a long time, so anyone within the blast zone is pretty much done for. Fun? Yep!

Now, we have actually already gone through all of the new killstreaks in our big Warzone Season 2 Killstreak article. In other words, if you are interested in the Foresight or the RC-XD, we already have you covered!

How Do You Get the Purple Key Card in Warzone?

  • Head over to the nearest Zombie Outbreak Zone.
  • Activate the Zombie Machine.
  • Kill all 40 of the Zombies.
  • Pick up the Yellow Key Card from the final corpse.
  • Use the Yellow Key Card to open the Zombie Chest.
  • Pick up the Purple Key Card, called the Access Protocol Key in-game.
warzone yellow key card
You want the Bombardment? Well, you'll have to go and kill some zombies... (Credit: Activision / Mr Middi via YouTube)

How Do You Get The Bombardment Killstreak in Warzone?

  • Get the Purple Key Card, also called the Access Protocol Key.
  • Head over to a Missile Silo, the Bunkers added a while back.
  • Inside the Bunker, find a Containment Monitor Station.
  • Activate the Bombardment Killstreak here, with the Purple Key Card.

If you are not into reading, then Rawr did a fabulous breakdown of it in the YouTube clip above. In the meantime, we need to get back into Warzone. Is that okay with you? We hope so. Oh, and we hope you enjoy blowing the hell out of your enemies with the Bombardment Killstreak... Have fun guys, and just remember: don't eat Zombie meat!


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