Warzone's Latest Pay-To-Win Skin Is Still Making Players Invisible

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A premium skin has been allowing players to go invisible for weeks in Warzone, and there's no sign of a fix in sight...
Pay-To-Win Invisible Skin
This is the new Francis skin that's causing all the problems . | © Activision Blizzard

A recent pay-to-win skin has been released for Warzone as part of the Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass. Well, in fairness, it's not supposed to be pay-to-win, but right now, it sometimes lets you go partially invisible (your head remains, but your body disappears). This gives you a huge advantage because you're harder to hit. And the player base (who aren't taking advantage of the situation) are furious. So how do people become invisible? And when will this issue be fixed?

How are Players Going Invisible in Warzone Right Now?

If you equip the Awoken skin on Francis, unlocked at level 100 of the Battle Pass, then you will occasionally experience a bug which makes your body invisible. You'll know this is happening during the opening deployment animation in the plane. And for those who want to try this themselves, you will of course need to buy the BP (1000 CP / $10) and complete it. But we urge you not to, this is how annoying the glitch looks to everyone else in the game:

Players taking advantage of this bug will be hard to beat. You'll need to use everything you can, and be hot on your game. Check out our core-skills series if you're still looking to improve your game:

When Will Raven Fix The P2W Invisibility Bug?

They almost certainly will at some point, but unfortunately, it still hasn't been given a ticket on their official Warzone Trello board. They're usually quite good at adding known issues to the board and using it as a way of indicating what they're currently working on to the player base. We suspect, therefore, that a fix for this skin shouldn't be expected soon. Because the bug only sometimes occurs, they don't need to pull the skin right out of the game yet either, so we're in a weird middle ground of having to accept that some people will be able to go invisible sometimes over the next few weeks.

As soon as we have news about an upcoming patch to fix this problem we'll let you know over on our live Patch Notes page.