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This surprise patch really grinds our gears...

Patch Notes for Warzone's Surprise Patch 1.33

Call of Duty
warzone season 2 patch 1.33
Warzone's latest update may have temporarily broken the game, but we forgive it... (Credit: Activision)

It might have broken Warzone for a little while, but Patch 1.33 has introduced a few general fixes that have resolved some pressing issues with Season 2. Warzone may have been improved with the new Season, but when it comes to s**t being broken, the Battle Royale still founders like a fish out of water.

We have one question: how do you break Warzone even more? The answer? Well, we'll get to that at the end of the article — so stick with us — but for now, it's time to take a squiz at Patch 1.33. For those of you who don't know the ins-and-outs of Aussie slang, that means take a quick look at Patch 1.33. Now that we have that little cultural lesson out of the way, it's time to take the dive.

squid squiz gif
SQUIZ, NOT SQUID! Apologies... (Credit: GIPHY)

Taking a dive might sound a bit dramatic — the patch notes for this b**tard are only a few lines long. They are so short that we are going to get straight to them, enough beating around the proverbial bush.

Patch Notes for Warzone Update 1.33 — GENERAL FIXES

  • Reactive Blueprint skins will no longer disappear while performing actions that stow the player’s weapon
  • The Vulture Exo Blueprint will no longer emit a bright light that covers up a large part of the screen
  • [PS4] Season Two Combat Pack will display the correct text for the included items

So, Patch 1.33 is basically just a quick fix to the Reactive Blueprint Skins, as well as the Vulture Exo Blueprint and the Combat Pack for Season 2 on PS4. Pretty minor, right? Well, they addressed it on Twitter too...

Hey, so there will be another update later this week — another opportunity for *spoiler alert* Raven Software to f**k up again! Jokes aside, these things happen. They just seem to happen a lot to Warzone, but it's okay, we still love the game nonetheless.

You're wondering what the answer is to the question we posed above, aren't you? Well, how do you break Warzone even more? The answer is Patch 1.33! As we have already reported, this update has caused a few issues with players having their games uninstalled.

Warzone train
Patch 1.33 uninstalls your game? We ain't on that train! (Credit: Activision)

Oh, and there have been some pretty major server issues happening over the hours since launch. They have been resolved now, but perhaps that's another way that you could break Warzone even further.

We keep saying that we will “put joking aside", but we really do keep failing, don't we? Well, we'll try harder now. Warzone's official Trello Board suggests that there is a bullet tracer fix coming as well. It is yet unknown when this fix will be implemented, but it is very good to see that it is on their mind.

After all, it could be as early as later this week — Raven Software have said that we can expect another update, so perhaps this could be the main focus of that future fix. Either way, we're glad the server issues are resolved, and we are glad Warzone is getting some much-needed attention.


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