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The Season 3 Outro Teaser Tells Us A Little About Season 4

This Is How Warzone Season 3 Ends!

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Warzone Season 3 Outro Cutscene Stitch
Stitch's plan is moving forward. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Warzone Season 3 is almost over, and the Season 3 Outro Cutscene has given us our first glimpse of Season 4. We take a look at what the Warzone teaser reveals about the future of Adler and Stitch.

The Warzone Season 3 Outro Cutscene was recently released, which continues the story of the kidnapping and rescuing of Adler. In fact, the teaser was leaked some time ago, so attentive CoD fans should know it by now. We are there for everyone who missed it. Here is the new Warzone cutscene:

As we already know, Adler was kidnapped by Stitch and taken to Laos. Woods and his team embarked on a rescue attempt which found the Nova Gas threat to be just a distraction for the rescue team.

The storylines of BOCW and Warzone were then completely merged in Season 3, when Stitch brought the tortured eagle to Verdansk '84. In the "Hunt for Adler" event, Adler was finally found and rescued and this is exactly where Warzone Season 4 begins ...

What does the new Warzone Season 3 Outro Cutscene show?

In the cut scene, Stitch, Wraith and Knight watch the rescue of Adler and discuss the next steps in their plan. According to Stitch, her job with Adler is done and all Verdansk test subjects have been placed. The Red Door can be seen several times, and a man in South Africa is mentioned as someone they need to contact. 

We are now pretty certain that the Red Door is a fast travel system, and the man in South Africa will in all likelihood be a new Season 4 operator. The rest, however, is a lot more puzzling and rumored to be related to the Numbers Program from the Black Ops Cold War campaign story.

That's about as much as anyone can deduce from the Warzone Season 3 Outro Cutscene, but we've collected all kinds of leaks and information about Warzone Season 4 for you elsewhere:

This article is a localization of an original piece by Lukas Ballat.

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