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Verdansk, and Warzone's Future, Will Go BANG!

Warzone Nuke Event Release Date and Details Revealed!

Call of Duty

Warzone's Verdansk may be going up in smoke very soon, according to recent leaks and rumors. As each day we creep ever closer to the fateful moment, it's time to answer a few operative questions: When will Warzone's Nuke Event happen, what will it involve, and will we be getting an Ural Mountains map?

Let's just jump right into it, shall we? This ain't a first date, there's no need for foreplay...

warzone cod 4 nuke
Call of Duty 4 had a nuke... could Warzone also have a nuke? Maybe a higher definition one? (Credit: Activision)

What is the Warzone Nuke Event Release Date?

Well, look, we haven't got a confirmation on anything yet. At least, not 100%. There are rumors, there are ideas on what could be factual, what might be bollocks, and whether this is all bulls**t, but nothing has been confirmed.

That being said, we do have this bad-boy to check out!

Zombies sighted leaving the Shipwreck? Come on guys, it's coming! The latest estimation is a Nuke Event date of March 11, but this could prove to be incorrect. There are many clues that could suggest this is true, though, and several prominent Call of Duty leakers have taken to Twitter to preemptively announce s**t...

So, yeah, our best bet is March 11 is “the day”! But nothing is confirmed...

What the Bloody Hell is the Nuke Event?

Well, basically a giant nuke is going to explode and do one of two things: destroy Verdansk entirely, or at least permanently change it. Personally, we're hoping for the latter... but with an extra map thrown in. It would be nice to see another map, but we also want to keep Verdansk. We like that place. It is nice.

Well, no matter the outcome, Verdansk won't stay nice, that's for sure. You've all seen pictures of Chernobyl... and that was just a f**king nuclear reactor — so you can imagine what a nuclear bomb could do. The results would, quite literally, be explosive.

Oh, and the relevance of the zombies above? Well, they could set off the bomb, or the bomb could be set off to stop them. We don't really know yet. We will let you know...

What's the Deal with Ural Mountains?

Well, after the Nuke Event, there will be a need for either a changed Verdansk, or a totally new map. We'll see what Raven Software opts for, but if it is a new map, we are pretty sure that it will be set in the Ural Mountains, which are in West-Russia. Look, we have done a ton of s**t on this... read that!

Either way, we will be in for a treat over the next few days and weeks. The thing is, Warzone was a bit off these last few months, but with Season 2, we are feeling on top of the world again. The game has picked itself back up, polished the rough, and made us excited about where it might take us next.


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