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New Warzone Nuke Event Leaks!

Leaks: Warzone Nuke Event Screenshots & Details Revealed

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warzone nuke event leaks
Warzone's Nuke Event is coming, and there are new leaks to discuss! (Credit: Activision)

The Warzone Nuke Event is fast approaching, with a new map possibly slated for Warzone, come Season 3. Recent leaks suggest a pretty explosive reveal for the new Season of Warzone, and now we have some awesome new icons and perhaps even some leaked audio from the Nuke Event reveal Playlist...

It feels like we have been talking about the Nuke Event for a bloody long time at this point. That's okay, though, because it is shaping up to be pretty awesome. If it's not... we love Warzone anyway, so that's alright, but it would be pretty disappointing. Anyway, let's take a look at these juicy new leaks!

New Icons for Warzone Nuke Event?

Good ol' Zesty is a pretty solid leaker and has revealed some pretty cool stuff in the past. This time, we have two new icons from the Nuke Event in Warzone. A helicopter in a bit of trouble, and what looks like some kind of emblem. We are not really sure what these mean, or how they relate to Nuke Event, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

The most worrying thing of them all, though, is the blood spray on the shield icon... Now, that gets us concerned. Well, that is probably kind of idiotic of us, though, it is a Nuke Event after all. There's probably going to be a bit of bloodshed, sadly!

Warzone Nuke Event Reveal Audio Leaked

It also seems that Zesty has unearthed some audio from the upcoming Nuke Event. There was a Nuke/Reveal Playlist that got leaked in the Season 2: Reloaded update, and this was one of the many things that has got our gears grinding!

Warzone Nuke & New Map Reveal Event

Before we let you go, we have one last little tidbit from Zesty... New Warzone Map Reveal Event has been leaked, and it is pretty insanely exciting. There are pop-ups, and some interesting reveals in this fascinating source code reveal. Just look at this stuff... our juices are flowing!

Well, there you have it! Three new leaks from good ol' Zesty! The only thing that would give these bad boys more "Zest" is if Raven Software emptied a giant bucket of Orange Juice all over Verdansk. Now, leaving you with that abhorrent joke, we bid you farewell. Have a nice Easter!


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