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Verdansk is about to go "Boom"!

All Is Lost: Bunker 11 & the Warzone Nuke Event

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warzone nuke event bunker 11 all is lost
Bunker 11 will play a huge role in this week's Warzone Nuke Event. (Credit: Activision)

The Warzone Nuke Event is just around the corner, and may finally reveal the mystery of Bunker 11. We take a look at Bunker 11, how it will play into the Nuke Event, and when will the Warzone Nuke Event happen?

When Bunker 11 was introduced last year, everyone was curious about how it would play into the CoD lore. What was the deal with the Nuke Control Panels at the Park Bunker? What is going to happen? It has been months now, and it seems that Bunker 11 will play a huge role after all, with an impending Nuke Event possibly taking out Verdansk. Is all lost?

What is Warzone Bunker 11?

Bunker 11 was introduced into Warzone in May 2020, and was a very secretive and difficult Bunker to access in Warzone. Out of all the Warzone Bunkers, the Special Bunker 11 required a complicated collection of decrypting and translating numbers, and activating phones, to open the secret bunker far to the north of Verdansk.

The thing that made Bunker 11 so "special" is what it contained: a Nuke! With the Zombies rumored to activate the Warzone Nuke Event once they reach the Gora Dam, it seems likely that this will be the Nuke that will be activated. We have been having this conversation for months, so it is little surprise to us that everyone is so hyped. The big question, however, is yet to be answered...

How Will Bunker 11 Effect the Warzone Nuke Event?

The Warzone Nuke Event will be triggered when the Zombies reach Gora Dam, a location very close to Bunker 11. With Bunker 11 containing a Nuke, there are a couple of options for how the Nuke Event may be triggered. We know how much you guys love lists, so here's a quick list:

  • Warzone Bunker 11 is very close to Gora Dam, perhaps the Zombies could get inside and accidentally set it off?
  • Perhaps Bunker 11's proximity to Gora Dam could make it the ideal nuke to detonate to eliminate the Zombie threat.
  • The Nuke Event will be hugely important, perhaps due to its locations far to the north, detonating the Bunker 11 Nuke will minimize the damage to Verdansk.
  • If the latter is true, perhaps the Warzone Nuke Event could be detonated from Park Bunker, which is almost as far away from Bunker 11 as you can get within Verdansk.

When is the Warzone Nuke Event?

  • April 21: 12PM PT / 3PM ET - 2PM PT / 5PM ET
  • April 21: 2PM PT / 5PM ET - 9PM PT / 12AM ET
  • April 21: 9PM PT / 12AM ET - April 22 at 12PM PT / 3PM ET
  • April 22: 12PM PT / 3PM ET - 1PM PT / 4PM ET

The Warzone Nuke Event will most likely precede Warzone Season 3, which will release on April 22. Thus, the above times have been revealed by various leakers, including hints from Activision themselves. The Warzone Nuke Event will catastrophically change Warzone for good. We do not yet know if Bunker 11 will be involved, but if we were to make an educated guess: it probably is!


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