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It's bombshell news...

The Warzone Nuke Event is Beginning!

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warzone nuke event missile silo
Warzone's Nuke Event may be beginning sooner than we thought! (Credit: Activision)

It seems like the Warzone Nuke Event will be beginning very soon, with a new Easter Egg suggesting that Verdansk will be destroyed. Our current prediction is a Season 3 Nuke Event around April 22. Could it be coming sooner?

Jump into the TV Station Bunker in Warzone, and take a look at the map of Verdansk that is hanging on the wall. Hang on (heh), did it just explode? Were there multiple explosions? Is that Nova 6 that is filling up the room? Holy s**t! Well, this Reddit user certainly had a fright, and we are peeing ourselves with excitement...

Tv station hut has multiple explosions over a verdansk map ending with nova gas in the room! (I was not affected) from CODWarzone

To activate this game-changing easter egg, you have to head over to the TV Station Bunker and aim at the map of Verdansk for several seconds. Be prepared to get out of there quickly, though, because that room is about to fill up with Nova 6. You can find the location of the TV Station Hut, or Bunker, in our detailed Bunker Guide:

For your information, you won't be effected by the Nova 6 gas that fills the room (we just wanted to scare you), but you will probably be quite shocked about the explosion, and a little concerned for the future of Verdansk... This doesn't look good for all of those poor Verdanskians!

We have many theories about the next couple of Warzone months. The Zombies are spreading fast, first in the Shipwreck, then the Prison, and now the Hospital, and that spread has to be brought under control. How can they possibly do that? Well, a nuke sounds like the obvious option!

If there is a Nuke Event, though, what does that mean for Warzone? Will we get the rumored Ural Mountains map, or will we just get a reworked Verdansk? We want both, and would put our money on both, as it seems unlikely that Raven Software would just get rid of Verdansk all-together.

warzone nuke event
We are dying to know what the deal is with this Warzone Nuke Event! (Credit: Activision)

The Nuke Event could possibly come when Season 3 launches, which should be the middle-to-end of April. It might be preceded by a live-event wherein the Nuke detonates, or something different, no one really knows. This easter egg is perhaps the first real hint of a coming explosion (other than, of course, the missile silos), and we've got to tell you... we're sh**ting ourselves with excitement!


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