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Warzone Season 3 is shaping up to be a good one!

Warzone is Getting Eight New Vehicles in Season 3

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warzone vehicles season 3
Warzone could be getting eight new vehicles in Season 3! (Credit: Activision)

A Warzone leaker has suggested that eight new vehicles may be coming to Warzone Season 3. If true, the move would be a pretty big addition to the game, which currently has very few drivable vehicles. Call of Duty: Warzone, please do this!

Twitter leaker ZestyCODLeaks has tweeted that there could possibly be eight new vehicles coming to Warzone in Season 3. New vehicles would be very enjoyable, especially considering that it takes more than twenty minutes for a player to cross Verdansk on foot. If the new Warzone map is, indeed, larger... then more vehicles will be a godsend!

What are the new Warzone Vehicles in Season 3?

  • Enter Big Bird
  • Enter Police Car
  • Enter Box Truck
  • Drive Medical Transport
  • Enter Pickup Truck
  • Enter Van
  • Enter Personnel Transport
  • Light FAV

With Verdansk possibly suffering a catastrophic Nuke Event, come Season 3, new vehicles will be a welcome addition to the map. Whether we get a 1980s Verdansk, or a whole new map set in the Ural Mountains region of West Russia, vehicles would add a lot to the Warzone experience.

Potentially, most of the upcoming vehicles will come from Black Ops Cold War. Whether this is a good thing is questionable – BOCW kind-of sucked – but no matter what, Warzone is definitely in need of more vehicles.

The thing is: eight vehicles in Warzone Season 3? That's a lot of vehicles! How on earth would they balance such a thing? If there are that many vehicles, Raven Software will need to be careful not to completely break Warzone. The problem? Well, Raven Software kind-of have a bad track-record when it comes to "breaking" Warzone...

warzone season 3 vehicles train
Could we perhaps drive a train? We can in Red Dead Redemption 2, so why not? (Credit: Activision)

When is the Warzone Season 3 Release Date?

Warzone Season 3 will most likely drop on or around April 22. The bigger question, however, is what will be included? Will there be a devastating Nuke Event? Will there be a new map? Where will that new map be set? What will they add? What new weapons? What new vehicles? What new... stuff. So many "what's", so little time. Speaking of time, only time will tell.


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