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Missiles flying over Verdansk, nuke event imminent!

Warzone Missiles: Verdansk Nuke Event & Missiles Flying Explained

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warzone missiles flying nuke event
What is the deal with the missiles flying over Verdansk? (Credit: Activision)

The Warzone Nuke Event is fast approaching, and Verdansk is seeing missiles flying through its cloudy blue skies. The Warzone Missiles are spurring much speculation about the Nuke Event, and we're here to share everything we know, and all the latest leaks.

Nuke Events, Missiles flying, and fear in the hearts of men. These are the things that we are all facing on a daily basis, whilst we traverse the rolling hills of Verdansk. Whilst this overly descriptive paragraph hasn't said a whole lot quite yet, ModernWarzone certainly had an interesting teaser...

Well...that's scary! The Warzone Missiles are flying through the sky, and this missile is falling straight to the ground. There's no explosion as of yet, but boy oh boy, will it be spectacular when we eventually see the nuke detonate.

The question remains: what on earth is going on? Well, with a new Warzone map seemingly on the horizon, it looks like these Warzone Missiles are a premonition of something dramatic to come... Seriously, that's a big-ass rocket!

Why Are the Warzone Missiles Flying Over Verdansk?

Missiles have been flying over Verdansk for a while now, most likely linked to the upcoming Nuke Event. Players are speculating that, by the end of Warzone Season 2, Zombies will inhabit almost the entire continent of Verdansk, leading to the necessity for Verdansk authorities to take drastic action... in other words, nuke the absolute hell out of our favorite Battle Royale map!

There is a lot of speculation as to how the Nuke Event will effect Warzone, and the significance of the missiles flying over Verdansk. Rumors suggest a possible 1980's Verdansk map for Warzone, or perhaps something set in the Ural Mountains region in Western Russia. We wouldn't be surprised either way, Black Ops Cold War is set during the Cold War, after all.

What will happen is yet to be seen, but we can be pretty sure of a solid "kaboom" in Warzone's future...

warzone missiles flying over verdansk nuke event
The Warzone Nuke Event is on the horizon, and the missiles flying over Verdansk are a deadly premonition. (Credit: Activision)

When is the Warzone Nuke Event?

The Warzone Nuke Event will most likely coincide with the release of Warzone Season 3, likely to come out around April 22. That's pretty bloody soon! With missiles flying through Verdansk skies, and Zombies infecting major urban centers, a new map is on the way, and the end of Warzone's Verdansk map is nigh...


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