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We're going to the mountains

Warzone Map Leak: No New Verdansk?

Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Warzone map leak Verdansk
We won't see a reworked Verdansk for BOCW Season 3 after all. (Credit: Activision)

The hype surrounding the new Call of Duty: Warzone map is growing and growing. People have had their theories, but a new Warzone map leak has probably confirmed what we're gonna get. Say goodbye to new Verdansk and hello to the Ural Mountains!

Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is launching in precisely three weeks. We know there's going to be a new map, but what is the map exactly? A nuke event and a reworked Verdansk? A brand-new Ural Mountains map? A new leak on Twitter gives us more clarity.

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Warzone Map Leak: New Verdansk or Ural Mountains?

According to the freshly leaked info the new Warzone map will indeed be, well, new. An extremely blurry image suggests the upcoming battlefield location being worked on is the rumored Ural Mountains Warzone map.

Call of Duty: Warzone map leak Ural Mountains
This doesn't look like Verdansk. (Credit: LeakyPastimes via Twitter)

Is the Warzone Map Leak Legit?

This latest leak goes against what we've been hearing recently. More and more sources were leaning towards a reworked Verdansk as the Season 3 map. Now we're making a 180 turn and go right back to a brand-new map as the prevailing current theory.

The picture is of low enough quality to feel like a real leak, so we're inclined to believe that there is some merit to it. We will find out the truth on April 22 when BOCW Season 3 launches, but are sure to see many more leaks like this one way before that date.

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