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Here’s What Warzone Can Learn From Battlefield

Call of Duty

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Warzone is incredibly successful, and it’s kept millions of players entertained worldwide. Could it get any better though? Of course it can, and one place it can start to look for inspiration is the Battlefield series.
You've all seen the Battlefield 2042 trailer, haven't you? If not, do that now - it’s incredible. Then imagine some of those features in Warzone, how awesome would that be? Someone camping a rooftop? No need to flank them, just destroy the building. Driving a Cargo Truck towards the wall around Mil-base? No need to look for the gate, just drive through the wall. And the Battlefield class system…well we’ve got some ideas about that in Warzone. There’s clearly a lot to learn, but here are our top 4 lessons for Warzone to learn from Battlefield.