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A new day, a new Warzone Ural Mountains Leak

Warzone Leak: Ural Mountains Map Will Have 250 Players

Call of Duty

A new Warzone leak has revealed that the rumored Ural Mountains map may increase the game's player cap to 250. The news has caused outcries in the community, with many claiming that the game has enough problems with the game's current 150 player cap.

ModernWarzone, one of Call of Duty: Warzone's most trusted Twitter Leakers, has shared rumors that claim that Warzone's new map may be increasing the game's cap to 250 players. Personally, we're excited for an increase on the cap.

There have been many rumors circling about what happens after Warzone's inevitable Nuke Event. Originally, we all expected the event to coincide with Warzone's anniversary back on March 11, but now it looks like we expect more of an April 22 release date. Check out our coverage:

People on Twitter are going a bit bonkers because of all this, though. Everybody complaining and complaining and complain... as usual. We understand the concern – a 250 player cap would be pretty chaotic, but maybe this means the new map will be massive?

warzone ural mountains
There have been many leaks in the past, but all suggest an Ural Mountains map. (Credit: Activision via Reddit)

We don't know about you, but a big f**king map would be pretty bloody awesome, and we would be super hyped if this turned out to be true. The Nuke Event will happen (hopefully) soon, and we will find out... until then, let's not complain, let's get hyped! 

A big new map set in the Ural Mountains? Warzone would never have been better... well, if it is good. We don't know if it will be good – we don't even know if it actually exists! Thus, chill, relax, enjoy Verdansk. Oh, and kill those damn zombies already!


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