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“Nuke Inbound for Verdansk”

Warzone Leak Reveals Nuke Event & Possible Ural Mountains Release Date

Call of Duty
Verdansk Nuke Event Warzone
The nuke might detonate very soon now... Ural Mountains, will you make your way here? (Credit: Game Rant)

Rumors have been circulating for the better part of six months regarding a potential nuke event that could devastate Warzone's Verdansk. Now that Season 2 has dropped, the latest leaks suggest a March 11 detonation, and possibly a release date for the highly anticipated Ural Mountains Map, amongst other juicy details...

“KABOOM!” — That's the sound that Verdansk could make, come March 11, when the rumored Nuclear Event might take place. There are many questions to ask, and many answers still left unaccounted for. Why will the nuke go off? What's the significance of the Zombies? How will it change the game?

nuclear explosion cod
Nuclear events are not unknown in Call of Duty... (Credit: Activision)

These questions could be answered pretty soon, with Call of Duty leaker @WarzoneNewz taking to Twitter to reveal the expected, but unconfirmed, date of the nuclear detonation. That date is March 11, but this latest leak also holds some pretty juicy details, including what seems to be a warning to soldiers on the ground in Verdansk...

Well, we've got to say what no one else is saying: what sh**ty command! A 5 minute warning before a nuclear detonation? That's barely enough time to take a dump, let alone hide from a Nuclear Explosion. Well, we're all pretty f**ked then... Take a look!

What is the Significance of the Zombies?

Unless you have been living under a rock this last week, you will have realized that the ship run-aground on the shores of Verdansk is swarming with Zombies. What is the significance of this? Well, we theorize that this outbreak will spread across the continent. If this is the case, perhaps it could answer our next question...

Why Will the Nuke Go Off?

Well, perhaps the military will decide that the nuke is necessary, to stem the Zombie outbreak. If so, what a bunch of a$$holes for not giving us anytime to get the f**k out of there! The other option is that the Zombies have somehow got into Bunker 11, and that is why it has closed. If that is the case, then perhaps they will accidentally set off the nuclear bomb.

In a way, the latter seems the least likely, as if the military are giving their soldiers a heads up, then it mustn't have been a mistake. What that would mean, though, is that the military are telling their soldiers about their almost-certain death only five minutes before the event, and they are setting it off themselves... WOW GUYS!

How Will It Change the Game?

Well, this is the biggest question mark of them all. Seriously, what could happen? There is no newly announced map, and surely we won't find ourselves on Rebirth Island... that would REALLY suck! We see two potential answers...

A Ruined Verdansk

Perhaps we will stay on Verdansk. If this was to happen, then it would be a radically changed map. We expect that very little would be left standing, which could make for a very interesting game experience. Seeing familiar areas in a completely ruined state could introduce some cool gameplay features that we haven't seen before... maybe some Radiation-Mutation-Powers? Please, oh please, we want this so bad!

A Ural Mountains Map

Well, this one is a long-winded rumor now. We're honestly so tired of talking about it... If it comes to be, though, it would be super f**king awesome! Check out our break-down of everything we know about these rumors, and what a Ural Mountains Warzone map could look like...

Our favorite solution is this: BOTH! Why not? That would be super f**king awesome, and would retain some of the awesome features of Verdansk, with a new twist, whilst giving us a great new map. An Ural Mountains map would be vast, and full of cool s**t, so at least to us, this is the best solution that there could possibly be!

Oh, if only all of this is true... If it’s the second option, or perhaps the third, then that could confirm a March 11 release date for that long-awaited Ural Mountains map.


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