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Warzone Invisibility Glitch Launches Campaign for Justice

Warzone Invisibility Glitch: How to Stop the Cheaters

Call of Duty
Warzone truck invisibility glitch
Warzone has been plagued with glitches since launch, but this one is especially sinister! (Image Credit: Activision)

That pesky invisibility glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone may have been ignored by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, but players aren’t letting it go unnoticed. It seems that a new social-justice campaign has begun: to rid Verdansk of invisible criminals.

Instead of marching on the streets with placards and giant cardboard signs, Warzone players are taking matters into their own hands and actually addressing a problem themselves! Enough complaining, this is how it’s done. Those b**tard cheaters are on their way out, as vigilantes do what the developers were unwilling to do.

Warzone truck glitch
The glitch allows players to teleport inside the walls of a building, unseen but lethal. (Credit: Activision)

In Warzone, there has been a bug for a while now where a player can park a Cargo Truck next to the storage facility and exit into the walls of the building. They are thus invisible, but just as lethal. We are not going to explain it to you in too much detail, because if you don’t know, then it is one less a**hole causing us grief (excusez mon French, but I got smoked by an invisible cheater one too many times). Basically, they glitch into the building and are invisible to other players.

Despite being inside the building, the glitched player can see through the walls and shoot other players whilst being effectively invisible to everyone else. Sounds fair? Yeah, well, it’s not. It’s kind of crazy how long this bollocks has been going on for, and equally crazy that it still hasn’t been fixed yet.

But, fear not! Players are taking matters into their own hands, implementing community justice for the cheaters who are confusing the crap out of everyone, and just generally make everybody feel a little bit sad. How are they doing this? Well, Reddit user u/precipue shows us perfectly in this clip:

I know it when I see it from CODWarzone

This is a positive development for many players who are frustrated with Warzone at the moment. With the notoriously over-powered DMR 14 still yet to be nerfed, Rebirth Island not setting everybody's pants on fire, and still a ton of glitches running rampant, perhaps this will be a small light on Verdansk’s rolling plains.

More or less, players are recognizing the tell-tale-sign of an invisible cheater – the truck parked by the storage facility. After this, they are using the glitch to get inside, shoot the cheater themselves, and get out. We say “justice served sweet”, and we sure-as-hell mean it! Perhaps if this practice becomes a little bit more widely used then we can rest peacefully at night.

What the devs could do instead, though, is just fix the bloody thing – it's about time, and we really shouldn’t need to campaign for justice ourselves. Cheaters are super annoying and make the game a lot less fun – this is an easy fix that could do a lot of good for all involved.


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