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If everyone is invisible, would that make everybody visible?

Warzone: Invisibility Glitch Is Back – For What Feels Like the 1000th Time (UPDATED)

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A glitch is fixed, and new ones are added. (Credit: Activision)

The latest update from last week not only fixed the stim glitch, but also brought back an old acquaintance: the invisibility glitch. This time, the glitch seems to be related to a particular new game mode.

Oh well, reunion is a joy. Or not. The invisibility glitch has been popping up in Warzone for ages now and we just can't understand why they still can't manage to fix it permanently. Sometimes it's triggered by helicopters, sometimes by a loadout drop, some by an operator skin that turns players into ghosts. Not to forget the good old wall glitch, of course.


Raven Software actually reacted quickly after players complained about the newly emerged invisibility glitch. As we already suspected, the new glitch is related to the reintroduced Armored Royale mode, which went live again with the latest update. As with previous glitches, the developers' quick fix is to eliminate the trigger for now:

The Armored Royale mode has been completely removed from the game for the time being. Raven Software will continue to investigate the new glitch and hopefully fix the cause soon without having to remove more content or introduce new bugs to the game.

Original acrticle:

Last week, Patch 1.31 went live and fixed, among other things, the stim glitch, which also made it into the game several times, but instead of fixing one problem, the patch immediately brought new ones.

The Armored Royale game mode, in which each squad spawns with an armored truck complete with turret, seems to be the trigger this time. So far, it doesn't seem to be clear how exactly you manage to trigger the invisibility glitch this time around, but there are numerous reports of players being killed seemingly out of nowhere.

Really Activision?! How is the invisibility glitch BACK in the game along with so many other exploits?? from CODWarzone

Interestingly, this time players seem to be completely invisible, but can move around the map normally. This was not possible with the wall glitch, for example. So, maybe the new glitch could be related to operator skins in addition to the game mode.

Developer, Raven Software, already announced that they are working on the new hitmarker glitch as well, so we can only hope that they will tackle the new invisibility glitch in the same move.

Until then, we guess that we'll just have to put up with getting killed by an invisible ghost every now and then, as annoying as that may be.


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