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It's time to head over to Nakatomi Plaza, and start the Arms Deal Public Event!

Warzone: How to Start Arms Deal Public Event at Nakatomi Plaza

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warzone arms deal public event
Do you want to check out Warzone's Arms Deal Public Event? Well, we've got a guide for you! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3: Reloaded brought a bunch of new events and content into the game, including a focus on 1980s action heroes. We take a look at the Arms Deal Public Event at Nakatomi Plaza, and take you through everything that you need to know. How do you start and complete the Warzone Arms Deal Public Event, what is it, and should you check it out?

It is clear that Warzone Season 3: Reloaded has oiled more gears than it has ground, and that's one bloody good thing. There's actually something new here, wow! Events like the Arms Deal Public Event at Nakatomi Plaza have been added, there's the whole Rambo thing, there's... a few new weapons. Look, at least it isn't that insanely disappointing Nuke Event, anything would be better at this point! Anyway, here's everything you need to know about the Warzone Arms Deal Public Event...

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Update June 3

Today's Warzone update has ended the 80s Action Heroes event in Warzone. The vault and contracts in Nakatomi Tower are no longer available.

Original article

What is the Arms Deal Public Event in Warzone?

The Warzone Arms Deal Public Event is a one of the challenges required to open the vault at Nakatomi Plaza. After completing the event, you will acquire a keycard that can be used to open the vault, which conceals a number of safety deposit boxes that yes, you guessed it, also require keycards. This is really clever game design, folks, Raven Software are not being lazy at all...

How to Start the Arms Deal Public Event in Warzone

  • Go to Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Find the ramp that leads to the tower's car park.
  • Find a ramp that leads you down to P2.
  • Check out the truck lit up against the far side of the car park.
  • Jump into the back of the white truck.
  • Inside the truck you will find a table with electronics on it.
  • Interact with this table to start the Arms Deal Public Event.

How to Complete the Arms Deal Public Event in Warzone

Once activated, you will need to defeat two waves of enemies. They are insanely easy to kill, just be careful of the grenades. The second wave features a brute, but that's no trouble. Once you have defeated all of the enemies, pick up the keycard and head upstairs to open the vault door. That's all of it: the Warzone Arms Deal Public Event. Enjoy!

Well, wasn't that just a delicious guide to how to start the Arms Deal Public Event in Warzone? Tasty, crispy, yummy... Sorry Justin Bieber, other people are allowed to say that word. Not just you. Actually, it's a bit less of a cringe if someone else says "yummy", but I digress. I also hope that you enjoyed this Warzone guide to the Arms Deal Public Event, and this random and unnecessary rant about Justin Bieber. If you did, it's pretty obvious what you need to do... Read more of my bloody articles:

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