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We all know you’re excited to find this one

Warzone: How To Find Rook LMG (RAAL Blueprint)

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Warzone: How To Find Rook LMG (RAAL Blueprint)
We know you want it, but it won't be easy, guys. (Credit: downsights.com)

Are you trying to find the Rook LMG (RAAL Blueprint) in Warzone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Listen, we’ve mentioned this time and time again — though it depends who you’re reading an article from on this website, undoubtedly — but Warzone has simply become a mess: Boring, buggy, full of 12-year-olds that think they’re the best in the world and then scream bloody murder at you when you headshot them, because surprise surprise, they’re whack.

Anyways, you’re here for a reason. You’re here for a secret. The secret weapon blueprints in Warzone, in this case, the RAAL blueprint.


Warzone: How To Find Rook LMG (RAAL Blueprint)
The color should give you a hint. (Credit: Activision)

How To Get The Rook LMG (RAAL Blueprint) in Warzone?

You will find the RAAL Blueprint for the Rook LMG in loot crates when dropping into Warzone. Now, this might be discouraging, since there’s… well… a lot of them. But apparently, orange loot crates have become a lucky spot for players. As a little tip for you guys.

Is the Rook LMG in Warzone good?

Yes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a secret blueprint that you’re trying to find. The Rook LMG is very fast and a good comparison is the CX-9. If you like that weapon, you’ll like the Rook LMG too.

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