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With this method you'll have a pair of Dog Tags every five minutes

Warzone: How To Farm Rambo Dog Tags In Two Minutes

Call of Duty
Rambo Dog Tags: Warzone
Collect Rambo dog tags as part of the 80s Action Heroes event. (Credit: YouTube channel 'Mr_13ig')

Warzone Season 3: Reloaded has kicked off with a great 80s Action Heroes event, and one of the challenges in this event asks players to collect Rambo dog tags from around the map. By completing certain contracts and world events you'll be rewarded with dog tags. But these can be quite long to complete. Instead, we've put together a guide on the absolute fastest method for farming Rambo dog tags

The 80s music is blasting, John McClane and Rambo walk to the back of the Helicopter and stare down on Verdansk - ready to drop. But where? There's an almost overwhelming amount of new content in Warzone Season 3: Reloaded. One challenge you might have noticed you'll need to complete is about Rambo's dog tags, collectibles, that you get as rewards for certain tasks around the map. But, for the absolute fastest method of collecting tags, you'll want to jump for the Military Base and follow this guide.  



How Do You Get Rambo Dog Tags In Warzone?

Rambo Dog Tags are collected from 'Heavy Munitions' crates, which drop as rewards for destroying the enemy attack helicopters. The enemy attack helicopters spawn when players begin a new 80s Action Hero activity. They are relatively easy to destroy too. But, for the quickest way to spawn in a chopper and destroy it, you'll want to land on the Military Base, here, to be exact:

CIA Outpost Location
Inside this hanger, the CIA Outpost, you'll find Rambo's explosive Combat Bow and the radio equipment to begin a bombardment. (Credit Activision Blizzard)

Inside this hanger, you will find Rambo's Combat Bow on the first floor and radio equipment on the gangway. So, land in the hanger and do the following:

  • Collect Rambo's Combat Bow.
  • Walk up the gangway in the hanger and activate 'Bombardment' from the radio equipment table.
  • An attack helicopter will spawn outside the hanger and begin shooting at you. 
  • Use Rambo's bow to fire at the helicopter (aim directly at the center of the vehicle, that will destroy it quickly)
  • Once destroyed, the helicopter will drop a 'Heavy Munitions' crate, containing some launchers, an assault rifle, and a Rambo Dog Tag

Note: the solo game mode is probably best for this, as only one Rambo Dog Tag spawns no matter the size of your squad. 

We've got a video here that shows how quickly you can get 'Heavy Muntions' crates to drop and farm Rambo Dog Togs with this method: 

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