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Don't you fear, Hitmarker Glitch is here...

Hitmarker Bug Breaks Warzone & Raven Software's on the Case

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Warzone's done away with the stim glitch, and replaced it with a brand new hitmarker glitch! (Credit: Activision)

Raven Software is investigating a Warzone glitch that is causing hitmarkers to not show when you shoot people in Verdansk. The Warzone hitmarker glitch appeared after patch 1.31 fixed the stim glitch (for now), and a number of other active issues in the game. Warzone has struggled under the weight of expectations, and this is an unwelcome addition to their list of problems.

We could call it a bug-swap, the coup of a benevolent dictator, replacing one menace with another. You could also call it a swaparoo, bouncing its way awkwardly into Warzone's still brittle bones. Why? Well, at least with this coup, we have king maker – Raven Software – to at least try to minimize the damage. What are we talking about? Well, it's time to address the elephant in the room...

Raven Software have released patch 1.31, and with it, the Red ‘Stim Glitch’ Queen has been dethroned, and replaced by Dictator ‘Hitmarker’ Jones. Now, instead of concerning yourself with good ol’ infinite stim, you can enjoy yourself with some superbly inaccurate, or even non-existent, hitmarkers. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Back on Friday, we wrote a rather glowing piece on how Patch 1.31 is a gamechanger for Warzone, perhaps putting some of its biggest issues behind it. We still stand by that claim, but perhaps it was a little premature of us. Raven Software might be Kingmaker, but they sure as hell let the Queen rule for far too long. It would have been nice to have a new monarch not so “inconsistent”, as Raven Software has eloquently put it.

Seriously, “inconsistent”? Well, maybe that could describe Raven Software's handling of Warzone. The problem with the whole game-as-a-platform thing is, ultimately, things don't need to be fixed. Of course, the devs don't want more bugs, but we can't help but jest about this one.

To get more deeply into the details, this glitch literally means that you are unable to know whether you are hitting an enemy or not. That's a pretty big f**king problem, and quantified by further reports of a glitch that has made players unable to change their operators after the launch of Warzone's patch 1.31 on Friday.

warzone vehicles
It's a tad difficult to be effective without hitmarkers. Come on, guys... (Credit: Activision)

Oh, and what's more, there's a new invisibility glitch! Holy-moley, what the hell is going on, guys? Well, you know how the saying goes: all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't patch Warzone together again. When we wrote Friday's break down, we thought maybe we could play a game that was profoundly broken. Apparently Warzone really did fall off the wall, after all...

Can Warzone recover? Major streamers like Nickmercs and Vikkstar are pulling out, hackers and cheaters are running rampant, and there seems to be no course of action moving forward. The 60,000-player ban last week, followed by the fixing of the Stim Glitch looked promising, but we were deceived.

Raven Software is on the case, but how long will it be this time? Will it be fixed properly, or like the stim glitch, will it come back to life more times than Jon Snow? Our positive energy is running out at this point, perhaps the Kingmakers need to pull themselves together.

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