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Warzone: Hackers End Matches

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Running doesn't help when cheaters simply end the match. (Credit: Activision)

Yes, you read that right. As of late, hackers in Warzone can apparently end entire matches at will. The cheater problems seem to be bigger than thought.

We all know that Warzone, at least since the integration of Black Ops Cold War in December, has had some problems with bugs and glitches. We wish it was only that, cheaters have become a huge problem that has even caused some well-known players to pause Warzone.

Cheaters take over Warzone

We already reported several times about the cheater problem of the Battle Royale title. Be it streamers using cheats in the middle of a tournament or the community uniting against exploiting users due to the lack of anti-cheat. Despite several major bans and the developers' promise to take the problem more seriously, Warzone still doesn't have an anti-cheat system... and it shows!

Victory by match abandon

In addition to the usual wallhacks and aimbots, hackers have apparently found a way to end ongoing matches at any time, even if numerous players are still alive. ModernWarzone originally drew attention to this new problem on Twitter by sharing a clip of a streamer whose match suddenly ended.

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As various other clips show, these game crashes are no longer isolated cases. The affected games end abruptly with a kill-cam, as known from Modern Warfare multiplayer. Since these kill-cams are not actually available in Warzone, the hackers seem to use some tricks from the Modern Warfare code, since Warzone uses the same engine and shares large parts of the code with Modern Warfare.

It is not yet known how exactly the hack works and what can be done about it. There's nothing else to do for the time being but to report players and hope that Activision will eventually take care of the problem.

Have you encountered these cheaters in Warzone? Are you perhaps one of them yourself? Tell us what you think on Twitter or our Discord

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.