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A terrifying prospect...

New Warzone Glitch Lets Players Parachute Into Gulag

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Warzone parachute Glitch
Okay, for a glitch at least, this one's pretty funny | © Activision Blizzard

A new glitch has been discovered in Warzone that allows you to parachute into the Gulag while other players are still in their match. When you parachute down from the observation platform you will be invulnerable to the players supposed to be there - making this glitch doubly annoying. All the details can be found below. 

Season 4 of Warzone has started with a bang - a great new event, extensive balance changes, and loads of brand new toys, from dirtbikes to nail guns. It's exciting, and we've had a great time with all the new goodies so far, but unfortunately, glitches remain a constant part of the Warzone experience. This time it's a Gulag glitch that allows players to parachute down into ongoing games and attack the other two players. At least it won't affect play on the actual map, but still, you can imagine some controllers being thrown over this one. 

How Does The Gulag Parachute Glitch Work?

Youtuber NTrippy first discovered the glitch but has remained tight-lipped on exactly how it's achieved. Well, whichever way you discover how to do it, the glitch will let you parachute into the gulag from the observation platform, and the players meant to be playing their Gulag round cannot harm you, but they can be harmed themselves. 

See it for yourself here: 

As annoying as it is for the victim, this should be a quick fix for Raven. So while we obviously need to see this patched, I think we can enjoy a good chuckle for now. 

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When Will The Gulag Parachute Glitch Be Patched?

At the time of writing (11 July ) Raven Software have not commented on the Gulag parachute glitchNo doubt they're laser-focused on the Season 4 Reloaded event, coming this Thursday, 15 July. We'll keep you updated on when they plan to implement a patch for the glitch - presumably in a matter of days and not weeks.  

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