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Another day, another glitch in Warzone

Ghillie Suit Glitch Breaks Warzone Again!

Call of Duty
Warzone ghillie suit
Is Warzone's Ghillie Suit dopey or stylish? Neither... invisible! (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone is on a bit of a losing streak when it comes to bugs and glitches, at the moment. The latest is the 'Ghillie Suit Glitch', which is turning players invisible. Want to equip the Ghillie Suit? We don't blame you, this bug will easily score you a killstreak!

Holy cow on a Paddlepop stick! Another bug, Activision? Jeez-Magee! What's goin' on? The latest bug to plague Warzone is not just your usual amusing little glitch, such as that bizarre parachute glitch that has been making the rounds, but actually a pretty f**king game breaking one. Just as bizarre as the image of a cow on a Paddlepop stick, how does this keep happening?

Cow paddlepop stick
Here's an awfully photoshopped picture of a cow on a paddlepop! (Credit: Street Ice Cream / / ME!)

Alright, enough shenanigans, might be a solid idea to actually talk about the glitch in question. Basically, players have found that, on occasion, players who are wearing a Ghillie Suit have been turning invisible. This skin thus results in players on the map getting around pretty much unchecked by other players, as they are partially invisible the further away they get. Perfect for sniping, ey!?

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Scop3s put it well in his recent video on YouTube, where he showed off the glitch in all of its glory. There is speculation that perhaps this glitch has been around for a little while, and just hasn't been picked up on until now - after all, the skin released back in August of 2020. That seems a little far fetched, people notice this kind of bulls**t pretty easily!

Check it out for yourself:

The bug gets activated at different distances, causing the skin - and thus the player - to partially disappear. It depends on the distance between player, and also whether they are Aiming Down Sights.

  • Just Runnin' Around: 34m
  • Aiming Down The Sights: 55m
  • Same as above, just with a 4X Scope: 125m

So, there you have it. Another thing that's broken in Activision's bug-athon, Warzone. It's getting to the point where instead of armor skins in Warzone, we need raincoats. That is, just to stop all the bugs raining down upon our tired and sweaty heads.

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