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The G11/CARV.2 is available to find in Verdansk ahead of it's full release and here's how...

How to Get The G11/CARV.2 In Warzone

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BOCW & Warzone G11/CARV.2
Get your hands on the G11/CARV.2 now... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 has been out for some time now and has already brought along a host of great new weapons, with even more promised throughout the course of the season. This also includes the new tactical rifle the CARV.2, familiar to players as the ultimate sci-fi 80s gun - the G11. Luckily, players can get their hands on the new rifle ahead of release in Warzone, we explain how.

Season 3 has already brought us two new weapons, the PPSh-41 and the Swiss K31, which can both be unlocked via the Battle Pass. In addition to these, a fully automatic pistol called the AMP63 and the new tactical rifle called the CARV.2 have been announced in the Season 3 Roadmap. The CARV.2, or G11, can now be played in Warzone, although it is not yet officially unlockable, and we will show you how to get it.


G11 or CARV.2?

Good question. The new tactical rifle was announced in the season 3 roadmap as CARV.2, but older CoD fans, in particular, will have recognized it as the G11 from Black Ops Cold War (2010). The name 'CARV.2' is used in place of the actual weapons name as Activision, and the industry at large, have abandoned the practice of acquiring specific design licenses from firearms manufacturers

Like the G11, the CARV.2 is a volley rifle with 3-shot volleys. With extremely high damage and a moderate rate of fire, it is particularly effective at medium to long distances and could therefore replace rifles such as the FR 5.56, the AUG, or the M16.

How can you use the G11 / CARV.2 in Warzone?

Since the G11 / CARV.2 is yet to be fully released, it cannot be used in a loadout yet. However, there are two ways you can try the gun out.

G11 / CARV.2 as loot

One way to play the G11 / CARV.2 in Warzone is to find it as loot in Verdansk. It can be found both as ordinary loot on the ground and in loot boxes, and once equipped your progress can go towards leveling the weapon. Beware though, since the weapon is not officially in the game yet, it is still possible that your progress with the weapon will be reset at a later point in time.

In this video you can see how strong the CARV.2 is in Warzone:

G11 / CARV.2 in Warzone Training Mode

Another way to test the CARV.2 is in the Warzone training mode. If you load into the training mode, you may automatically spawn with the CARV.2. However, this does not work every time, and you will likely need to quit the training mode several times and reload it. Once you do spawn with the weapon though, you can try out the CARV.2 on the shooting range.

Have you tried the G11 / CARV.2 yourself? Could this be the new meta weapon once we have attachments? 

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.

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