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A new rumor about FOV settings gives Warzone fans hope...

Warzone: FOV Settings Coming for Consoles?

Call of Duty

Are Warzone FOV settings for consoles coming soon to our favorite battle-royale? Nothing has been officially confirmed or announced yet, but fans have hope that recent rumors about FOV settings in Warzone for Console will become a reality.

Console gamers cry out for one thing in every shooter: FOV settings. Player's field of view is severely limited on consoles, mostly for technical reasons, compared to PC. Especially in shooters, this can be really annoying! That's why Warzone fans also want Warzone FOV settings for console.

Are FOV Settings Coming to Warzone for Consoles?

FOV settings in Warzone for consoles have not been officially confirmed yet. No matter the Call of Duty developer – be it Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Treyarch, or Sledgehammer Games – there has been no FOV slider, yet a huge demand for one. Of course, this extends to a desire for a Warzone FOV slider!

This issue has now been picked up by the popular Twitter account @CharlieIntel. Their tweet about FOV settings in Warzone has heated up the rumor mill again...

According to @CharlieIntel, the developers of Warzone and BOCW, Raven Software, have not ruled out FOV settings for Warzone on Console. It is, at least according to Infinity War, a technical issue. Raven Software have sounded that they will investigate the possibility of FOV settings for Warzone on Console

Oh, and whilst it is not console, Call of Duty: Mobile has recently introduced a FOV setting beta into their Chinese edition of the game. So there is at least some hope for you, dear Warzone fans on console...

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