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Warzone: How to Get the Foresight, RC-XD, & Bombardment Killstreak

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warzone season 2 reloaded rc-xd foresight bombardment killstreak
Warzone Season 2: Reloaded has added tons of great new content, including three new killstreaks... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 2: Reloaded has dropped and introduced a bunch of great new killstreaks to exploit our favorite battle-royale shooter. The Foresight, RC-XD, and Bombardment killstreaks are all brand-new additions to Warzone and bring some great additions to the games' steadily improving arsenal. How do we get them? Well, that's why we're here!

We think that it's important to make everything very clear to our readers – less reading time, more play time, right? So we are going to make this very straightforward. Take a look at the killstreak you are after – Foresight, RC-XD, or Bombardment – dive into Warzone, use it, have a blast (pun intended). Let's dive in quickly, so I can get back to my pizza. It's going cold.

Warzone: How to Get the Foresight Killstreak

To get the Foresight Killstreak in Warzone, you need to purchase it from a 5% Monitor in a bunker. It will cost you $20,000. In other words, you need to collect the $20,000, run over to one of those ominous missile silos, have a look around (without getting your head blown off), and buy the Foresight Killstreak

What Does the Foresight Killstreak Do?

The Foresight Killstreak shows you every single circle in your Warzone match, allowing you to position yourself perfectly for the end of the match. Sounds cool? Well, it is insanely cool and will give you an intense leg-up for the later stages of the game. Fun fact: the Foresight Killstreak has actually been in Warzone for ages, but was only able to be obtained in bunkers. It was insanely rare. So have fun!

Warzone: How to Get the RC-XD Killstreak

To get the RC-XD Killstreak, all you need to do is purchase one from a Buy Station. Well, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? It is. It's pretty much the same as the Foresight Killstreak, except this time the RC-XD Killstreak only costs $3000. Nice! Thus, if you want this delicious treat, head to a Buy Station, purchase it, and keep on exploding!

What Does the RC-XD Killstreak Do?

The RC-XD Killstreak is basically a remote-controlled car that releases toxic gas. That's right, it's a farting car! Sadly, this little baby boy does not detonate with a nice warm explosion. Instead, it just releases a small – but insanely deadly – explosion of toxic gas. Enjoy. Oh, and we've been getting hints about the RC-XD Killstreak for months...

warzone rc-xd killstreak
Look at this adorable RC-XD Killstreak! So cute, but don't get too close... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone: How to Get the Bombardment Killstreak

  • Head to wherever the Zombies are at the moment.
  • Activate the Zombies side mission.
  • Acquire the Yellow Keycard by killing enough Zombies.
  • Hope you get the Protocol Key when opening the Yellow Crate.
  • Go to the Containment Monitor Station.
  • Use the key and get yourself the Bombardment Killstreak.

Wow! Now, that's a task to write about. Your kids would be disappointed in you though, killing those poor, defenseless zombies just for a shot at causing a massive explosion with the Bombardment Killstreak... shame on you, Warzone-EarlyGame-Player-Reader... shame on you.

What Does the Bombardment Killstreak Do?

The Bombardment Killstreak activates a massive bombing run that has a much bigger and more destructive effect than Cluster Strike and Precision Airstrike. It is, quite frankly, terrifying, and we are not looking forward to seeing one for ourselves... unless we activate it (insert evil laugh here). Well, enjoy the Bombardment Killstreak, if you can get your hands on it. It should be entertaining, that's for sure!


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