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Warzone Exfiltration Trios — New Game Mode Explained

Call of Duty
warzone exfiltration mode season 2 mask
It's time to take a look at the new Warzone Exfiltration Trios... get it? (Credit: Activision)

Season 2 might have been out for a little while now, but don't fear, things are not slowing down. Raven Software have now released a new Playlist Update. The question of the hour is thus: what is “Exfiltration Trios"? Well, let’s break it down for you.

The March 4 Playlist update for Warzone has dropped, and with it a brand-new game mode! The exciting news might not have come as a total surprise, but it certainly wasn't a disappointment.

What is Warzone Exfiltration Trios?

Well, to summarize, the latest game mode drops players, unsurprisingly, into Verdansk. The storm clouds circle, but this time there is a small yellow circle with a radio symbol on the map that players need to make their way towards. In a move not so unusual in Call of Duty, you gotta get that item.

The item is a radio, and it's going to be hard to get your hands on it... or, at least to KEEP your hands on it. Basically, grab the damn thing and hold onto it for five f**king minutes! That sounds like a super long period of time, doesn't it? Well, you also have to get yourself out of there after the five minutes are up.

So, to summarize, find the radio, hold onto it within the “Exfiltration” area for five minutes, then get out of there... all whilst staying alive. You can also win by wiping out everyone else in Warzone, as usual, but why do this when you can have fun with a kicka$$ new game mode?

Grabbing and holding onto a radio is a kind-of new idea for Warzone, it's extremely difficult, and more importantly, extremely fun... OH, BUT WE FORGOT TO MENTION! You will be marked on the map when you are holding the radio. Everyone will see your win countdown as well, so you're going to be a sitting duck.

warzone season 2
Warzone Season 2 has been an absolute blast so far! (Credit: Activision)

Well, do you like the idea? We don't blame you if you do, it is pretty f**king awesome, and just another reason to jump back into Warzone. Yes, it has been a mess these last couple of months, but you should be checking out Season 2 — it's a real return to form!


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