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A disappointment, or an opportunity?

Warzone Event Releases Zombies into Prison: The Beginning of the End?

Call of Duty
warzone containment protocol event
It might not be a Nuke Event, but the Containment Protocol Alert is pretty concerning... (Credit: Activision)

To celebrate Warzone's first anniversary, Zombies have been released into Verdansk's Prison. With many expecting the famed Nuke Event, people are disappointed with the rather Warzone Event, which should have been Warzone's “big day”.

Well, that was a disappointing bugger, wasn't it? We waited up pretty late, expecting some pretty big events to go down, most likely taking Verdansk down with them. Back in our big March 11 Nuke Event article, we outlined a few options of what could happen if the Nuke Event did not happen when we expected it... and it didn't.

Not to blow smoke up our own a$$es, but we did make some pretty hefty predictions, check them out in detail in our original article, but basically... we were right! Kinda...

The thing is, Zombies are spreading. That's the entire point of this Prison Outbreak. It's beginning. We imagine that this outbreak is only going to spread further, and eventually encompass a good area of Verdansk. This opens us up to some super interesting gameplay changes, but also to some pretty exciting developments in the future.

We are pretty convinced that this isn't the end of the Nuke Event we've been talking about for months. There are just too many clues, and too much excitement around it. We expect that they won't totally destroy Verdansk – that wouldn't make much sense – but changes are coming for sure!

Warzone Event – What Exactly Happened?

It became very clear, when waiting around last night to see what could possibly happen, that nothing game-changing was coming on March 11. Instead, a red strike went through the Prison marker when dropping into Verdansk.

It now seems that the Prison Complex is a bit of a danger area, with a new horde overrunning the area and causing havoc. The Emergency Alert system has been set off, and we have been asked to shelter in a safe place. Does that sound like something any gamer is going to do? Well, no... we don't want to miss out on all that Zombie-killing action, after all!

Warzone Event – A Disappointment?

Well, of course we are all pretty disappointed in Warzone's birthday celebrations, we didn't even get f**king party hats! The thing is, though, we are perfectly okay with this outcome story-wise. It would not have made any sense to have Verdansk nuked quite yet. We want to see this zombie spread, and we want context for this epic conclusion.

warzone nuke
Well, it looks like we might need to wait a little while for that Nuke Event... (Credit: Activision)

Still, more could have been done to celebrate Warzone, more could always be done. We can't wait to see the next couple of weeks develop – after all, Season 3 will be coming around April 22, so maybe we will be in for some pretty dramatic (and explosive) changes before the launch of that new bout of content.

For now, let's sit back, put on some real party hats, and celebrate with our friends. Verdansk is still here, Warzone is still great, and we have a job to do – kill all those motherf**king zombies!


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