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Great fix. No, not really.

Warzone Devs React to Missing Trick or Treat Blueprint

Call of Duty
Warzone developer reacts to bug
Image Credit: Activision

Joe Cecot from Infinity Ward wrote on Twitter how you can still get the missing Pumpkin Punisher blueprint. But the solution is not very satisfying.

Yesterday we already reported that there seems to be a bug that prevents you from getting the last reward of the Trick or Treat event.

During the current Halloween event The Haunting of Verdansk in Call of Duty: Warzone, you can find 16 special boxes that reward you with calling cards, sprays, weapon charms, and more. Once you have found all 16 boxes, the final reward is the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint. However, many players complained that they didn't get the blueprint even though they found all the boxes and the game confirms this in the menu.

The Answer of the Developer

Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward, has now joined us on Twitter.

In our opinion, this is a rather unsatisfactory answer. It's basically saying that the game incorrectly registers the open boxes in the menu and shows that you have found all of them, although one is still missing.

To solve the problem, you should simply visit all 16 locations again. It's not like finding all boxes takes forever - after all, some of the locations are often in the gas and the 149 other players don't make it any easier.

What do you think of the developer's answer? Share your opinion on our Facebook page! We haven't found all 16 boxes yet, but we won't do it again unless we get the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.