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Warzone Dead Silence Glitch Gives Player's Infinite Silent Footsteps

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warzone dead silence glitch
Are you suffering from the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch? Are you not hearing your opponents? Don't fear! | © Activision

A glitch in Warzone Season 4: Reloaded is causing players to have infinite dead silence, significantly breaking the game's balance. Let's take a look at the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch, what causes it, and how it effects Warzone. What is the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch, has it been fixed, and how does it effect Season 4: Reloaded.

Another season in Warzone, another collection of game-breaking bugs – all in need of a good hot iron. Get it? An iron so that Raven Software can "iron out" the bugs? Yeah? Okay, let's move on. Warzone's Dead Silence Glitch is the latest to grace our game, resulting in player's having infinite dead silence when they begin their Warzone matches. That sounds a little bit broken, doesn't it?

Warzone Season 4: Reloaded has graced us with its wonderful presence, bringing a whole lot of fantastic new content. It's not just this Warzone Dead Silence Glitch that you have to look out for...

What is the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch?

The Warzone Dead Silence glitch causes the player to have infinite Dead Silence, and thus be utterly silent to other players. With this perk stuck on, other players are unable to hear the footsteps or movements of the effected player. Yes, this is the purpose of the Dead Silence perk, but it's not meant to be stuck infinitely-on, and having it always-on completely ruins Warzone's balance. Check it out in the video below... this is insanely overpowered!

Does the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch Make You Invisible?

The new Warzone Dead Silence glitch does not make you invisible, but it does mute the sound of your footsteps and movement for other players. Many people are talking about the infamous Invisibility Glitch that has returned to Warzone, and the Dead Silence glitch certainly shares similarities in that it makes it very hard for players to locate their opponent. It is not the same, however, and you can check out details on that particular bad-boy below.

Was the Warzone Dead Silence Glitch Fixed?

The Warzone Dead Silence glitch has been resolved by Raven Software, whom came to the rescue by removing a particular new feature from the game. Only hours after Warzone Season 4: Reloaded went live, it was discovered that the new pre-game lobby loadout selection was causing a glitch that meant that players would spawn with a full loadout. It seems that this may have also been causing the Warzone Dead Silence glitch, and Raven Software have since removed the feature. The lobby loadouts should return soon, once Raven Software have worked out what it was that had caused both of these glitches. We'll keep you posted!

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