Warzone Cheaters Get A New Toy - 2D Radar

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Warzone's cheat sellers are squeezing out as many hacking tools as they can before Ricochet's implementation. Their latest trick? Constant UAV - 2D Radar.
2D Radar Warzone
I'm sure Price would have a few choice of words or a well-placed stone for the cheaters... | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone cheat sellers are in a constant war against the devs and the community. Remember the terrifying day they discovered a way to shoot people without even aiming at them? Or perhaps you'll recall the free marketing they got when a Warzone streamer was caught cheating In a $75k Twitch Rivals tourney. Yep, it often feels like they're winning. And they never seem to be slowing down, even after ban waves of over 500,000 accounts.

If you play exclusively on PlayStation, with cross-play disabled, then you might not have realized how bad the cheating is on PC and Xbox servers (Xbox users don't have the option to disable crossplay, so they have to play with PC users). But those players have to deal with stuff like this every day:

At least on PlayStation, you can shield yourself from the abuse by not playing with PC players. But even if this is the case, we can all benefit from better anti-cheat; if nothing else, the game would be treated more seriously by the wider gaming world.

Luckily, better anti-cheat is coming, but more on that below. First, let's take a look at this new 2D Radar tool.

The 2D Radar Tool - Constant UAV

2D Radar is the name cheat sellers are giving to a new tool that offers constant UAV. So? You might be thinking. Don't all cheats give this level of intel? What sets this cheat apart is that it's a standalone tool, not part of a more extensive cheating program. It requires far less manipulation of the game, and cheaters using this tool are much harder to catch.

It's being pushed by cheat sellers because, with news of Ricochet inbound, extensive cheat programs from the past year simply won't work from December on. Those programs gave you a ridiculous amount of advantages, but they were also very easy to spot. 2D Radar is basically a trade-off; it lets players cheat a bit, but without nearly as much risk as more advantageous cheats. Still, it would be absolutely clutch to have a constant UAV, so it's more than enough of an advantage to be infuriating.

Will Ricochet Anti-Cheat Solve All Of This Stuff?

Warzone's new anti-cheat program - Ricochet - is going to be more extensive than any we've seen previously and should be able to detect and report most cheats currently in use. The catch is that newer programs like 2D Radar will evolve, and we can't guarantee that these will be caught by Ricochet.

Let's just cross our fingers and hope, because the new map promises so much, it would be devastating to see it ruined by players who cheat.