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Now they're just trolling

Warzone Cheaters Are Using Night Vision Goggles

Call of Duty
Warzone Cheaters are using night vision goggles
This is the epitome of the Warzone cheater saga... also, it's a legendary flex. (Credit: Activision)

Warzone has a problem with cheating. If you don't know that, then you're probably not playing the game. Raven Software is banning cheaters weekly, but the cheaters are just having a field day with the game: Now they're trolling with night vision goggles.

Slow clap for the cheaters. Seriously. At this point, they are just entertainment and making a fool out of Activision and Raven Software. If you didn't know, Activision have tried to stop Warzone cheaters with bans forever:

Warzone Cheaters Trolling With Night Vision Goggles

Now, in a frankly hilarious show of defiance, the Warzone cheaters are using night vision goggles. Just so you know: Night vision goggles aren't even a part of the game. They're an asset from Modern Warfare, which uses the same engine as Warzone. Yup... these cheaters are just flexing on Activion.

After the game, the Twitter user Yungstaz6 talks to the cheater. The cheater brags about cheating on Warzone for five months and flexes by changing his screen name over and over  in the middle of the conversation. Yeah... Activision is really making a difference banning these Warzone cheater accounts... 

Again: This is just an absolute flex, nothing more, nothing less. Night vision goggles don't give you any advantage. Warzone is set during the day anyway. It just goes to show that there is really no stopping these cheaters. At this point, a man's gotta ask:

Is the extra FPS on PC worth all these cheaters? 

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