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Warzone always has the best bugs.

Warzone Bug: Players Dying To A Door

Call of Duty
Warzone Killer Door
I'd not recommend fighting that door, man. You have zero chances of survival. | © Activision

What would CoD: Warzone be without its bugs? A good game. Anyway, this time, we’re talking about a killer door, which, yes, is an actual bug that players currently experience.

We’ve had our share of Warzone bugs, and it’d be worth writing an entire article about every single stupid bug that we’ve had to endure while playing Warzone. But this one might just be the winner of them all.

There is a killer door in Warzone. Yes, you read that right. A door, that kills you when you get too close. It doesn’t suddenly pull out a knife or something, but it puts you down like you’ve been shot in the head by someone using an aimbot, so it’s just as triggering. Here, watch for yourself:

Yo, Raven This Door Kills You instantly Please Fix Lmao from CODWarzone

I just want to know: how. How the heck does a bug like this even come into existence, Activision? Anyway, we’ll let it slide this time, because again, it’s one of the funnier ones. Activision will probably fix it soon, they are pretty on top of fixing bugs, that’s one thing they’re good at… other than creating bugs.

Talking about good, did you know that the OP gun, the MG 82, already got nerfed? I don’t know about you, but I think Activision is on top of their game, recently. Maybe they realized that they are slowly losing their player base to EA and Battlefield 2042. If I were them, I’d be scared too.

If you want to try out and see if this bug works for you: we unfortunately don’t know where you can get killed by a door, but don’t you worry, you’ll get killed by a 12-year-old that will call you fat instead, so I think that’s even better.

Gotta love Call of Duty: Warzone. If you want to surround yourself with better things, just stay on EarlyGame. No hate here.