Yet again, a new glitch in Warzone

Warzone Bot Lobby Glitch Bypasses SBMM

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Warzone Bot Lobby

Off to the farm, noobs! Or off to farm? Or maybe better not... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone exploits are on the rise, and a new glitch allows players to join lobbies with bots, or very bad players, to farm easy kills.

It just doesn’t stop. First, a new companion app for Warzone makes players able to see the states for the entire lobby. This allowed them to re-join until they ended up in a lobby with a low K/D. Then, another wall glitch appears that allows players to glitch into walls on Rebirth Island. Now, this.

Credit: Drift0r via YouTube

Bot Lobby Glitch

In the video, popular YouTuber Drift0r explains that there is currently an exploit allowing players to join other player’s offline lobbies, so as to find lobbies that are far below their own K/D. The exploit involves joining a lobby with a low-skilled player who is practicing their skills. According to Drift0r, he almost always got into bot or absolute beginner lobbies with this exploit and was always able to achieve a top ranking without much effort at all.

Most of the players he encountered in the lobbies were new to Warzone and visibly had no idea what was going on. The only exception to this was other players who also used the exploit! And this is where the problem lies, according to Drift0r. The more players who know how the exploit works, the more really good players and content creators will show up in these low-skill lobbies to improve their stats. However, this ensures that the pros will be pitted against pros again, and the beginners will be completely destroyed – a lose-lose situation, so to speak.

What does this mean for tournaments? Of course, the glitch also poses a big problem for the tournament scene. Warzone tournaments are usually played in public lobbies for a certain period of time, and in the end, the score, consisting of placement, and number of kills, is evaluated. Should some participants take advantage of the exploit, they could extremely easily collect lots of kills and top-3 rankings, thus distorting the entire competition.

To keep the problem as small as possible, Drift0r doesn’t explain how exactly the exploit works. However, he does share that he has forwarded all knowledge about the new glitch to Activision to ensure a quick fix.

Of course, it sounds nice to have a way to bypass the hated SBMM, but this doesn’t solve the problem, it just shifts it onto someone else.

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Original article written by Lukas Ballat.

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