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Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap: C58, Mauer Der Toten, And More

Call of Duty
Warzone Season 4 Raodmap
There's an awful lot to be hyped for here | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War Season 4 starts later this week on July 17. Activision Blizzard have released the Warzone & BOCW Roadmap for Season 4 ahead of time to get players excited. New weapons, operators, maps, and more have been revealed  – here's the entire Season 4 rundown for you. 

Season 3 was fantastic. The 80s action heroes event was easily one of the best we've had, both of the new weapons introduced this season are quite good, and the meta balance? It's never looked this good - we're currently experiencing a 'no–meta' meta. But we don't have time to reminisce - this is Warzone, it's live, and it's constant. So let's see what the Warzone & BOCW Season 4 has in store for us. I can tell you this much: there's good reason to be hyped.

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap

As usual, Activision Blizzard have published a roadmap a few days before the new season goes live, which provides details on all the new content. Here is the Season 4 roadmap for you.

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap
How cool does Jackal look? That red ballistic mask is going to be all over Verdansk later this week | © Activision Blizzard

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start with the event that's relevant to both Warzone and BOCW, and then we'll delve into each thing a little further. 

Keeping up with all things Warzone during this renaissance of the Battle Royale? Yeah, so are we. In case you missed it, we've got you covered: 

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap: Ground Fall Event

Season 4 starts with the in-game event Ground Fall, for both Warzone and BOCW The theme of the event is 'space' - so expect a lot of astronaut skins and futuristic weapons. We'll be tasked with collecting 'SAT links' during the event (exactly what they are should become clear) and these can be exchanged for rewards. The event includes challenges for the new maps, weapons, and game modes and also for the new locations in Warzone. There are XP tokens, calling cards, emblems, and a satellite weapon tag up for grabs in this. Whoever completes them all gets a fancy new weapon blueprint.

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap: New Weapons

Season 4 will bring  five new weapons:

  • MG 82: An LMG that unlocks for all players once they reach level 15 of the Battlepass. (Available at launch)
  • C58: An assault rifle that unlocks for all players once they reach level 30 of the Battlepass. (Available at launch)
  • Nail Gun: This is going to be a terrible gun and a great meme, what more can we say - it's a nail gun.  
  • OTs 9: This is a compact little machine pistol, limited only by its ammo capacity - max 20. We could be seeing a pistol equivalent of the VAl. 
  • Mace: Probably the least exciting, it's a melee weapon. We doubt it'll be like kali sticks either. 
Warzone Season 4 Roadmap C58
The C58 is based on the Spanish CETME Model C | © Activison

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap: New Operators 

In Season 4, we will get three new operators.

  • Jackal: This is the absolute badass you've seen on marketing material, he's the one in the red mask that looks about as evil as they come. (Available at launch)
  • Salah: A member of the Egyptian elite counter-terrorist unit 777, Salah can be unlocked later in the season.
  • Weaver: A boring skin but a familiar name to a lot of Call of Duty players. Available later in the season. 

Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Roadmap: New Scorestreak

The new scorestreak is the Hand CannonYou can see the Hand Cannon one–bang a chopper in the trailer. This one does what it says on the tin, you get a few rounds to use with an incredibly high–powered pistol. 

Warzone Season 4 Roadmap: Map Changes & New POIs

Several satellites will crash in Verdansk, and they'll not only change the map, but they'll also bring new loot and new contracts. The SAT links can also be found near the crash sites.

The Nakatomi Tower from the 80s Action Heroes Event will remain under the name Downtown Tower and will continue to offer a lot of loot and an excellent landing place for all the action junkies.

Warzone Season 4 Roadmap Satellite
The Satellites are landing in Farmland and by Hospital | © Activision

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Roadmap: Red Doors

There will be so-called Red Doors all over Verdansk, which will function as the new fast travel system. If the description in the roadmap is correct, the Red Doors will not send you to known places, but will instead "teleport" players to random locations.

Warzone Season 4 Roadmap: New Gulag

Warzone is getting a new Gulag - this is huge for anyone who hates the current gulag (most people). The Season 4 Gulag is a replica of the central part of the Hijacked Multiplayer Map. The new gulag will be available at the start of Season 4 thankfully. 

Warzone Season 4 Roadmap: Dirtbike

The first motorcycle comes to Warzone in the form of the dirt bike. Motorcycles are apparently going to be the fastest and most maneuverable vehicles in Warzone and will be able to carry two people. You can control them mid-air, so we're expecting some crazy stunts.

Warzone Season 4 Red Door
These are the mysterious Red–Doors we'll be using | © Activision

Warzone Season 4 Roadmap: New Game Modes 

Warzone is getting two new game modes in Season 4.

  • Verdansk Resurgence Mini: Maximal 45 players, no Gulag, smaller circle, more and better loot... all in all more Action. (Available at launch)
  • Payload: The first objective-based game mode in Warzone. 40 players have to escort two-vehicle caravans through several checkpoints or prevent the other players from doing so. This mode is available later in the season

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Roadmap: New Maps

4 new Multiplayer Maps are coming to Black Ops Cold War

  • Collateral (12v12), Collateral Strike (6v6): This is a large, boxy map set in the desert. You can see a wide shot of the map in the reveal trailer - it looks well designed for larger team sizes. (Avalaible at launch)
  • Amsterdam (2v2, 3v3): New Gunfight maps are a given now, and while Amsterdam looks more congested than most in this category, it's an iconic location, so this could be a great addition to the roster. (Available at launch)
  • Hijacked (6v6): This was an incredibly popular map back in the day on BO2 and there's no reason to suspect that it won't be again. (Available at launch)
  • Rush (6v6): Another BO2 map, this time, a remake of the paintball classic Rush. It's a good map, but it's also a shame to see so many remasters rather than new locations these days. 
Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Hijacked
Hijacked was super popular so many will be happy that it's back. | © Activision

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Roadmap: New Game Modes

Black Ops Cold War is getting a brand new game mode and two well-known game modes in Season 4.

  • Multi-Team: SAT-Link: Take the SAT links with your team and hold them until the point limit is reached - like Hardpoint, really. (Available at launch)
  • One in the Chamber: It's one-shot kills, and you only get more ammo for getting more kills. (Available at launch)
  • Capture the Flag: We're not about to explain capture the flag. If you're reading this, you know what capture the flag is. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Roadmap: Zombies

A new map, new Onslaught content, and even a new Outbreak region are coming to Zombies. 

  • New Zombies Map: Mauer der Toten is a war-torn look at eighties Berlin, overrun by Zombies of course. 
  • New Onslaught Content: At the start of the season, all PlayStation players will receive Collateral as a new Onslaught map. Over the course of the season, Rush will follow.
  • New Outbreak Region: Zoo is another location in the Ural mountains, and damn, a Zoo could be so cool. (Available at launch)

Phew, that was a lot! What a treat, though. The first thing on our list will be investigating these crash sites, but then the Red Doors are probably a close–second (with a keen eye on the C58, naturally). 

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