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Brand New Warzone & BOCW Trailer for Season 3 Released!

Call of Duty
BOCW Warzone Season 3 Trailer Adler
I'm not the only one thinking he looks like Robert Redford, right? (Credit: Activision)

The new Black Ops Cold War and Warzone trailer was officially released on Treyarch Studios Twitter account with the Hashtag #SeasonThree. Need we say more to get you hyped? 

Patience being a virtue has always been overrated. Here's the damn Warzone & BOCW Season 3 trailer:

We reported on this just a couple of hours ago, but what was a leak then, has since been confirmed by the Tweet you see above:

This trailer certainly confirms what we already suspected: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are getting closer and closer. Will they kiss? Wouldn't you love that, but it sure seems like the good old Dragonball Z fusion is near. We love it though, because a shared universe is a happy universe. Yes, you can quote that and use it for your Instagram caption.

The new BOCW & Warzone Season 3 trailer seems to confirm what many suspect and dread at the same time: After the Nuke Event, we might see a 1980s Verdansk map in the place of what once was. But, we don't wanna speculate too much on something that is just days away from being proven. No, we wanna leave that to you. What do you make of the trailer? Open a new tab and visit our Facebook to make your voice heard. Because you deserve to be heard.

When is the BOCW & Warzone Season 3 Release Date?

Treyarch and Raven Software have all but confirmed a April 21 release date for BOCW & Warzone Season 3, at approximately 12PM PST. Why do we know this? Well, that would be because Activision sent out care packages to a couple of Warzone leakers earlier in the week, which teased a Nuke Event at the dam in Verdansk at the time stated above. Excited? Check out the leak:

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