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This should help a lot of us levelling the AMP63 this weekend

Warzone & BOCW: Double Weapon XP This Weekend

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Double Weapon XP Weekend - Warzone
Time to hit the grind - it's double XP time. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Treyarch and Raven just tweeted the news of a double weapon XP weekend for BOCW and Warzone. These are always more exciting events than standard double XP weekends - who wants new emblems when they can kit out their weapons? We've got all the details about the event right here. 

That wonderful time of year is upon us again, when we can grind to our heart's content. Well, I'm not going to pretend playing plunder again, and again, and again is fun. But, more importantly, it means you can level up some of those weapons you're still behind on. May we advise either the FARA or the AMAX, the meta assault rifles this season. Or perhaps even a Kar98k if you want a good sniper build. Here are all the details on the upcoming double weapon XP weekend event. 


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When Does The Warzone & BOCW Double Weapon XP Weekend Begin?

The double weapon XP weekend begins this Friday - June 4, at 10 AM PT (13:00 PM ET, 17:00 PM GMT 18:00 PM CET) and ends on Monday, June 7 at the same time of day. This comes as fantastic news, especially to players who can't grind BOCW and need to improve their weapons through Warzone. Here's the official Tweet: 

What a shame that almost every Warzone build requires a Monolithic Suppressor (unlocked at level 67 on Assault Rifles) - It's gonna be a grind, but at least this event makes it easier. It should come as a huge relief to those of us investing in the new pistol too. 

Note: Double XP Tokens do not stack with any ongoing double weapon XP event, so do not waste them this weekend. 

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Time to call the squad? It's going to be a great weekend for it. What weapons are you trying to max? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or better yet, just sign up to MyEarlyGame - for free - to enjoy a customized news experience that keeps you up to speed with all the latest and greatest Call of Duty news.