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A new Warzone Battle Pass? That sounds... interesting.

New Warzone Battle Pass Subscription Leaked

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Leakers have revealed a new Battle Pass subscription for future Call of Duty games, as well as Warzone. The Warzone Battle Pass may be a 6-12 month service, with various incentives and rewards for being a loyal Warzone and CoD player. We take a look at the leak, what the new Warzone Battle Pass subscription could be, and more...

Warzone Season 3: Reloaded is winding down, and CoD 2021 is inching closer and closer towards its inevitable announcement and launch. With this in mind, a leak suggesting an integrated Battle Pass, with a subscription model, has caused a bit of a stir. If Activision is going to introduce such a thing, what would a Warzone Battle Pass subscription include, and what about CoD 2021?

There have been a whirlwind of CoD leaks recently! Especially regarding Warzone Season 4. Check out a few to catch up with all things Call of Duty...

What is the Warzone Battle Pass Subscription?

A recent leak suggests that the Warzone Battle Pass subscription will consist of a 6 and 12 month subscription to all Warzone, future CoD Battle Passes and seasonal content. That means that with the cost of a twelve-month subscription, you will automatically have the Warzone Battle Pass for each consecutive season. According to the leak, the 12-month Warzone Battle Pass subscription would also include a free Call of Duty game. Here's the leak:

It is unclear what Call of Duty game would be included with the 12-month Warzone Battle Pass subscription, but if this all turns out to be true, then we imagine that it will be Call of Duty 2021. If true, then the subscription will probably launch with this year's CoD game – rumored to be called Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard – and include a copy of the game, as well as all Battle Passes for the next 12 months. It could be different, though. We don't know! Possibly a choice of which CoD you want?

Either way, the leak came from @ModernWarzone on Twitter, and was first taken down as ModernWarzone feared that the attached screenshot was breaking the leaker's NDA (non-disclosure agreement – legal mumbo-jumbo). This is some pretty crazy stuff, and could seriously change the Call of Duty landscape later this year. 

We are not sure if we like the Warzone Battle Pass subscription, to be honest – buying stuff before we even know what it is just seems like a genuinely bad idea – but let's wait and see!

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