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Warzone Bans 30,000 Cheaters! Enough is Enough!

Call of Duty
Warzone Bans 30,000 cheaters
Run Cheaters, run... (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone is overrun with cheaters. What else is new? Activision is now trying to make a difference and banned 30,000 cheaters. A drop in the ocean or a legit measure? Let’s analyze.

Why do y’all even play on PC? I know, I know…PC Master race, inferiority complex, genitalia compensation with a powerful graphic card… I get all that, I do… but… putting up with these cheaters and hacks and sh*t? Just look at this:

And we're gracious just adding two articles... (mostly it's also past midnight, and we're trynna catch these Zs, homie, feel me?). Now, Activision banned 30k of these cheating tryhards, and we’re wondering: Is it enough?

Warzone Bans 30,000 cheaters
It would sure be nice if we could have firefights without Fing cheaters... (Credit: Activision)

How Many Cheaters Has Activision Banned?

We don’t have overall totals, but in 2021 alone, Activision banned 100,000 accounts. We repeat: 100k. Yup. The problem though is that cheating on PC is just way too easy and this measure… honestly, it means nothing. It’s a nice show of… something… but it’s not affecting anything.

PC players are honestly doomed and, thanks to crossplay, console players find themselves in the same crosshairs. (Cross-play, crosshairs… you see what we did there, right?)

Worse: Banning does not make a difference at all. The programs cheaters use need to be flagged and detected. If they’re not, then… you’re essentially just hassling the cheater to set up a new email and have another go at ruining everybody else’s fun.

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