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According to Raven Software, the Ban Wave is not over yet.

Warzone Bans Thousands of Cheaters... Again

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Warzone Ban
A lot of accounts have again been banned in Warzone. (Credit: Activision)

According to Warzone developer Raven Software, several thousand cheaters have been banned in the next giant ban wave for the Battle Royale juggernaut. Activision is finally trying to get the cheater problem in Warzone under control!

It's no longer a big secret that Warzone is completely infested with cheaters. You can find messages and clips of cheating players all over Twitter and Reddit. Be it wallhacks, aimbots, or even shutting down entire matches at any time, nothing seems impossible at this point. Hackers have even found ways to hack content that hasn't been released into the game. Just recently, it was the yet-to-be-released Soap Operator Bundle!

How Many Warzone Accounts Have Been Banned?

30,000 accounts have been banned in the latest mass cheater ban in Warzone. On March 16, Raven Software announced on Twitter that they had once again banned a huge number of cheaters

This was not the first ban wave, in fact up to 60,000 accounts have been banned in the past. In total, well over 100,000 Warzone accounts have now been permanently banned for cheating and hacking at this point.

Raven Software also announced that their fight against cheaters is not over yet. Already in the past, the developers promised tougher action against cheaters and additional precautions to make cheating more difficult.

Are the Bans Effective?

Many accounts have been banned, but Warzone still does not have an anti-cheat system. The biggest problem is that Warzone is free to play. There are no financial hurdles for cheaters to simply create a new Warzone account, should their old one get banned.

This is exactly what happens on a regular basis, and it's no secret either. Several hackers and cheaters have already publicly admitted that they have up to 40 different Warzone accounts that they can switch between at will.


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