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How many people this time? And how many new accounts?

Raven Software Announce Another Useless Ban Wave

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warzone ban wave 30,000
Raven Software have initiated yet another major ban wave. (Credit: Activision)

Cheaters and hackers have been a big problem in Warzone for a long time now, with Raven Software banning hundreds of thousands of accounts over the last few months. In the latest ban wave, Raven Software have banned 30,000 more players from Warzone. Will it be just as useless? Let's take a look...

With Raven Software continuing to aggressively fail at fixing Warzone's cheating problem, another 30,000 bans will do little to curb this frustrating phenomenon. So far, the Warzone developers have failed harder than my attempt at alliteration. Just as "frustrating", and "phenomenon" do not start with the same letters, banning more players ain't going to do much at all.

They seem pretty convinced that it is going to work, though. The fight continues? My backside. Sorry, we're not allowed to swear. Jokes aside, though, Warzone is free-to-play. These players will, and have, simply made new accounts, and continue their hacking ways.

We can hardly blame them, either. Hacking and cheating is fun. Problem is, it's only fun for the people who are cheating. For everyone else, it sucks more than tomato soup, and boy-oh-boy does tomato soup suck.

Why can't they fix it, though? Well, yes, it is difficult to fix this particular problem. To combat Warzone cheating, Raven Software would need to invest in a whole new anti-cheating system for Warzone, something that they are clearly unwilling to do at this time.

In the meantime, Raven Software continue to implement more ban waves, and remove more people from a game that can literally be joined for free. We want to keep stressing this point, because it is nonsensical, and it is doing serious harm to the Warzone community.

The problem with having more or less no control over cheating in Warzone, is that it has been seeping into the Warzone competitive scene. With the big Warzone cheating controversy only a few months old, it is bizarre that Raven Software continues to go down this failing route. If they want Warzone to develop a good Esports scene, they're going to have try out a new method.


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