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The Warzone Season 4 trailer has gotten us hyped

Verdansk Map Changes Coming In Warzone Season 4

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New Verdansk Map
A Satellite will be crash landing in Verdansk – this could be big. | © Activision Blizzard

The Warzone Season 4 Trailer was released last night at the Summer Game Fest. It revealed a lot about Season 4, including map changes coming to Verdansk in the form of a satellite. We've got all the details here. 

Amazon's Summer Game Fest was a great warm up to this weekend's E3 event – they revealed loads of new games and had a showcase from Activision Blizzard. During that presentation, they revealed a new trailer for Warzone Season 4. We're in store for loads of new goodies and a badass Operator, but we're also going to get map changes to Verdansk. 

What New Map Changes Are Coming To Warzone's Verdansk

A satellite will crash-land in Verdansk between the Hospital and Downtown. It doesn't look huge, but certainly big enough to contain some secrets. Whenever they bring new places of interest into Verdansk, we can expect new contracts or special loot rooms to draw players towards the new location. 

Here is the only image of the satellite from the trailer: 

Satellite Crash Site Verdansk
This is the location and only image so far of the Satellite | © Activision Blizzard

As you can see, it really is quite small, but there might be other parts of the satellite that landed elsewhere. Hopefully whatever new event introduced to draw our attention to the satellite is exciting. 

By the way, if you like keeping up to speed with all things CoD, so do we. Here's just a selection of what else you can expect next season: 

When Are The New Map Changes Coming In Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 will release on June 17, but there's no guarantee that the map changes will be implemented to Verdansk at launch. They might want more time than this coming week to generate hype for the changes, and they might want to explain to the playerbase more of the story that led to this crash.

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