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Top 5 Best Weapons in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was just released and already had to struggle with some server problems among other things. Besides the excellent campaign and the new zombie mode, the multiplayer is once again the heart of the new CoD entry.

You just started playing and you’re wondering which weapons are the best? Which rifles you should level first to dominate the leaderboards? We’re here to show you the current Top 5!

LW3 Tundra

Snipers in Black Ops Cold War are more dangerous than ever. If you like to fight from a distance and take out your opponents with just one well-aimed shot, the Tundra is for you. High damage combined with good mobility makes it the best sniper rifle in the game.

Stoner 63

If you like to shoot a lot like Rambo and reload less, you should take a look at the Stoner. It plays almost like an assault rifle and compensates for the slightly lower mobility with a large magazine, very long range and a lot of damage.


As a tactical rifle, the AUG can only be used in fire burst mode. That does not make it bad at all: If you can aim well and hit your bursts, the AUG will end things with just one tap. No other weapon kills this quickly.


The FAMAS from Black Ops Cold War is currently the best all-round weapon. It has a high fire rate, good range and good damage. With it, you are well equipped in almost every situation.


What would Call of Duty be without a completely overpowered MP5? Naturally, the MP5 is broken yet again and this time it outclasses even strong assault rifles in almost every scenario. The high rate of fire combined with a long range and almost no recoil makes it the most powerful weapon in the game at its current state.

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