The Warzone Core Skills Series: Slide-Cancelling

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How do you slide cancel in Warzone?
Slide-cancelling used to be a lot tougher - but changes to the movement settings have made this maneuver far easier to pull off| © Activision Blizzard

In this series, we want to take our readers through all the essential skills they need to win in Warzone, and this week: Slide-Cancelling.

You might have been grinding Warzone since launch, and you might chase the meta like a fiend, but if you're still struggling to push into the top 10, then maybe you need to work on your core skills. Even if you have practiced a lot of these mechanics, you might still pick up a tip or two to truly master them. So, let's get into this week's skill: Slide-Cancelling.

Why Do People Slide Everywhere In Warzone?

They aren't actually trying to slide - it doesn't make you faster than sprinting - but if you stand up before sliding, the animation is complete, then you can achieve 'slide-canceling'. What this does, is refresh is your Tactical Sprint. A lot of players might not have realized, but there's a way of sprinting even faster than normal, but there is, and that is Tactical Sprint.

Tactical Sprint is a boost that doesn't last very long and needs a while to recharge, but if you slide cancel successfully, you refresh that special sprint. So you can, in theory, Tac Sprint indefinitely if your slide-canceling is perfect. It's significantly faster to try and move this way than to sprint normally, so let's learn how.

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How Do You Slide-Cancel In Warzone?

This was a lot harder once, but it's become easier thanks to some simple changes we can make to the settings. So, let's start by opening up those settings and navigating to the movement tab. Here's what we want to change:

  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • Automatic Sprint: Auto Tactical Sprint

With those two settings changed, we've made this significantly easier, but you might still want to parachute somewhere quiet in Plunder to practice this. This is how to slide-cancel:

  1. As you're sprinting, tap the button to crouch, which, thanks to the settings change, should mean you begin sliding.
  2. Tap that same button again once you've begun sliding, but before the animation is over.
  3. If you've done this right, your character will now be Tactical Sprinting in the direction you were moving, because we have it automatically enabled, and it should have been refreshed.

You'll know if your operator is actually achieving Tactical Sprint or not because their weapon will not be out in front of them, but will instead be pointing upwards, and held in the left hand only.

Good luck working on your slide-canceling. This is one of the essential skills you need to get around the map quickly, and we hope it helps!

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