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The Top 5 Multiplayer Maps in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here, and it brings not only new weapons, a fresh campaign and an exceptional zombie mode, but also some new multiplayer maps. Of the total of 10 maps, two are reserved for the larger Fireteam mode, which leaves us with a rather meager number of 8 maps for the regular multiplayer. We have already played a little bit and looked at all maps in detail. Here you can find our Multiplayer Map Guide:

In this video, we present you our Top 5 Multiplayer Maps.

Fifth place: Moscow

Moscow offers a typical 3-lane structure with a Soviet subway station in the middle. Most of the fighting takes place in the station itself, but it can be flanked from both sides: You can completely bypass the middle area and stab enemies in the back. Nice!

Fourth place: Garrison

This map, located in Germany, offers two small outdoor areas separated by a hall. The hall is the main battlefield and offers numerous entrances with a bridge, smaller platforms and even some verticality.

Third place: Crossroads

Crossroads is available in a large version for 12v12 matches but also in a much smaller version for 6v6 matches. The small version provides non-stop action, as spawns are often close together and you can see over the whole map, especially on the outer sides. Here, the motto is: run, run, run.

Second place: Armada

If you are looking for a little variety, this is the right place. Fighting on large warships or in the water over several levels is incredibly fun. In the 12v12 mode you can even control jet skis or a gunboat. What more do you want?

First place: Checkmate

This map, located in a Berlin hangar, is currently our favorite. The huge hangar with wooden crates, lots of boxes, containers and a dummy plane in the middle offer a lot of possibilities for exciting firefights. The plane is the main scene for most of the action, but there are countless ways to avoid it or to flank players in it. One of the more fun CoD maps in a long time.

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